YES! They’re back! Last year, I wrote about the Boys Of Boston and their parody of Kesha’s “Take It Off.” I also included their parody in my Top 10 Gay Parodies Of 2010 list. Now, they’re back with a new video for Britney Spears‘ new “Drop Dead Beautiful” track from her Femme Fatale album.

The video starts out with a bunch of hot shirtless guys playing basketball outside. Random spectators gawk over the hotties and after a while, they just can’t help themselves and decide to step onto the court and tell these guys what they think of them – that they’re Drop Dead Beautiful. Of course, they decide to express their lustful thoughts through dance. Later on at the bar, the studs return the favor with their own choreographed dance. After a few drinks, one thing leads to another and the video heats up, turning into what I’d think would be the prequel to their Kesha “Take It Off” parody. Watch both videos below and you’ll see what I mean.

Between the two parodies, I think their first one was better, but I did like the concept of this one and of course some of the guys were really hot. Personally, I think Britney Spears’ “I Wanna Go” would have been a better choice for these guys. Hopefully they’ll consider it for their next one!

Britney Spears “Drop Dead Beautiful” Parody (Boys of Boston)

Kesha – “Take It Off” Parody (Boys of Boston)