First Look At ‘The Boys In The Band’ Broadway Revival

Boys In The Band Broadway Revival
During a recent visit to The Tonight Show, Matt Bomer shared a story about a wardrobe mishap during a performance of The Boys in the Band. He revealed he was left naked due to a stage hand forgetting to leave a towel during the shower scene.

“I had the choice to either do the rest of the 10-minute scene butt-naked, which would not have made any sense,” Bomer told Jimmy Fallon. “Or, there’s like a glass partition, so I had to kind of coyly reach around and grab my tighty-whities and put them back on my soaking wet body, and then do the rest of the scene in wet tighty-whities.”

If that story isn’t enough to entice you to check out the Broadway revival of The Boys In The Band, maybe a picture of Bomer in his tighty-whities will. The Broadway production just shared a whackload of preview pics.

Before there were marches, there was a band. The Boys in the Band helped spark a revolution by putting gay men’s lives onstage, unapologetically and without judgement, in a world that was not yet willing to fully accept them. A limited 15-week revival was staged to celebrate the Broadway play’s 50th anniversary.

The Boys in the Band centers on a group of gay men who gather in an NYC apartment for a friend’s birthday party. After the drinks are poured and the music is turned up, the evening slowly exposes the fault lines beneath their friendships and the self-inflicted heartache that threatens their solidarity.

The star-studded revival features an all-gay cast headlined by Matt Bomer, Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto and Andrew Rannells. Robin de Jesus, Brian Hutchison, Michael Benjamin Washington, Charlie Carver and Tuc Watkins also star. The production marks both Carver and Watkins’ Broadway debut. David Stone and Ryan Murphy are producing the play with Joe Mantello directing. Watch the cast talk about the revival below.

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