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Adam Lambert- OFFICIALLY a Homo

Recently I’ve been moving from the longer, polemic articles to cover more at-the-moment updates about the world of entertainment that actually might affect some of us. First was David Carradine’s sad demise, and this time it’s Adam Lambert’s official self-outing. Now, I know a lot of you will say: “This ain’t news!” But, it kind of is. While on the show, Lambert tried to play his sexuality down (okay, eyeliner aside) and even right after his loss to Kris Allan, the runner up still claimed “no comment”, claiming it keeps things more exciting if people never know for sure. Originally this ambiguity kind of pissed me off: I’m out, my friends are out… if we did it- you have to. But, I’ve come to realize he had some pretty good reasons and my “If I did, you gotta do it” attitude MAY not be as fool-proof as I originally once thought!

Doing it right, the Idol star decided to wait for the ultimate interviewer: Rolling Stone Magazine, to come out, full throttle.

“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay… I’m proud of my sexuality… I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.”

Succinct, honest, and pretty accurate I think!

We here at Homorazzi have been talking about this singing homo for a while (see the related links below), and while our debates have always been based on the assumption of his sexuality, there’s definitely a feeling of vindication once the rainbow flag is finally officially flown out of the back of his Miata! I commented on an article of Tommy’s in the past that it angered me that Adam hadn’t completely come out: that it meant he was ashamed or that we was pandering to the less-open voters of America… but, I’m slowly realizing I’m living in a bit of a greater-than-thou bubble. Always most impressed with how well-spoken and smart and mature the song choices were by Adam, I am constantly impressed with what this kid comes out with, and his recent explanation of his delayed departure from his Mac-makeup-filled-closet reaffirmed my confidence in him:

“I was worried that [coming out] would be so sensationalized that it would overshadow what I was there to do, which was sing… I’m an entertainer, and who I am and what I do in my personal life is a separate thing. It shouldn’t matter. Except it does. It’s really confusing.”

He’s right. Coming out and making a point of it during the season would have turned everything sexual- there’s really no doubt about it. Every lost vote would have been put under the scrutiny of being “anti-gay” and every homo calling in would have been seen as a pink-boa supporter rather than an admirer of the kid’s pipes (and i don’t mean the gun show!).

This whole experience has given me a bit of pause with my impatience with closetedness. My bfff Patrick and I often argue about whether or not celebrities can/should/are able to come out as Rainbow Card carriers: he says it’s limiting and ruinous to their chances at attaining lead character status. That’s when I point out people like Rupert Everett, John Glover, Neil Patrick Harris, Matt Lucas, Sir Ian McKellen, David Hyde Pierce and RuPaul; he then usually fakes that scrunched up: “You said words I don’t understand face,” and I say forget it and we get back to discussing his crazy-sex life these days… but I digress!

Adam Lambert has declared himself as “trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader,” and I think that’s where I get confused a lot of the time. Where I see the opportunity for someone in our next-season-prada-loafers to be both famous and out I think they need to take advantage of the opportunity and wholly embrace both roles! That’s where I get a bit demanding. I need to realize that people have a right to choose their own career path, time to come out and way to live their lives… as much as I’d like to make those decisions for them haha. Not every gay needs to be a shinning example and pride parade-leader- sometimes the obligations of others aren’t as liberal as my own and I need to realize that before I get all up in arms! Still, I wouldn’t date someone in the closet… but that’s a topic for another day!

So, for now, I say bravo Adam Lambert! We welcome you with open arms… though, my pillow better not be covered with that crap the morning after 😉

My Boyfriend Got The Cover

Check out my boyfriend on Rolling Stone!

Taken from

American Idol’s glamtastic runner-up Adam Lambert opens up in the next issue of Rolling Stone, speaking frankly about his sexuality, though he doesn’t think his revelation is particularly shocking.

“I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay,” Lambert says in the new issue of Rolling Stone, hitting newsstands this week. (Click here to check out exclusive video of his cover shoot).

The flamboyant Idol singer hits our cover and bares all, talking about his childhood (”I started to realize I wasn’t like every other boy,” he says), the drug-fueled Burning Man epiphany that led him to AI (”I realized that we all have our own power, and that whatever I wanted to do, I had to make happen,” he tells RS) and his run on the show (”I was like, ‘I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!’ “). And yes, he talks about his sexuality. “Right after the finale, I almost started talking about it to the reporters, but I thought, ‘I’m going to wait for Rolling Stone, that will be cooler,’ ” he tells us. “I didn’t want the Clay Aiken thing and the celebrity-magazine bullshit. I need to be able to explain myself in context.

“I’m proud of my sexuality,” Lambert adds. “I embrace it. It’s just another part of me.” Ultimately, however Lambert tells RS contributor Vanessa Grigoriadis that there are other parts of his life that he’s trying to keep front and center. “I’m trying to be a singer, not a civil rights leader,” he says.

It was that mission — and his Burning Man “psychedelic experience” — that lead him to Idol after years in musical theater. “I knew that it was my only shot to be taken seriously in the recording industry, because it’s fast and broad,” he tells RS.

He details his experience on Idol, his true thoughts on winner Kris Allen and how his sexuality impacted his Idol run in our cover story, “Wild Idol: The Psychedelic Transformation and Sexual Liberation of Adam Lambert,” which hits newsstands this week.

Check out pictures below from his American Idol run.