To quote Newton’s law of motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Case in point, Cher making a solid return with her Billboard Dance No. 1 hit “Woman’s World.” Now, every queen from yesteryear thinks they can make a huge comeback and replicate her success. Boy George is hoping to score his first hit in over 20 years with “King of Everything” off his forthcoming album, This Is What I Do.

Can you imagine being at the top of the world at age 22 and then nowhere near that at 52-years-old? I’m sure those thoughts ran through Boy’s head as he watched the video for his new track. It’s a montage of video clips and photos from his past three decades in the music industry. Poor guy probably was sad reminiscing about all the success he had back in the day. I know, I would.

The best moments in the clip are the candid pics of him during his Culture Club days when he was hanging with Joan Rivers, George Michael and other celebrities from that era. Rivers looks so different before her numerous plastic surgeries. Check out the clip below. I have to admit, I got a little verklempt during some moments. I’m a sucker for a montage with sad sappy music. That’s why I love tragic biopics so much 😉

Boy George ‘King Of Everything’