Another who’s read a single one of my musical posts would know that my collection of tunes isn’t from deep research on Swedish underground websites that host rare remixes of Rihanna’s latest, rather from killer shows with producers on the beat of today’s newest and greatest uncovered bands. Admittedly, what’s “uncovered” to some may be old hat to others, but for the most part I get constantly surprised with a new great addition to my iTunes collection. Last week on one of my absolute favs- especially for new mp3s- “Skins UK” (during an Asian girl on girl internet porn viewing scene no less) introduced me to the world of Dubstep.

I’m sure all the cool kids out there know exactly what’s up with this concept, but I had to Wiki it to clue in: “A genre of electronic music descended from garage music, characterised by its dark mood, sparse, syncopated rhythms, and emphasis on bass”… basically, a lot of electronic anger and who doesn’t love that ha. Still, I’m one of those lyric boys through and through and require at least a few meaningful words strung together to put some soul into the song and the song in question today: “Love” by Borgore offers just that. A punk dub artist from Britain, Borgore has a pretty established career and a strong flock of followers and I’m a recent convert thanks to the hilarity and absurdity of his lyrics combined with some excellent dj-ing.

I’ve posted the lyrics and of course the song, BUT I do recommend listening to the song first before reading the lyrics (they only apply to the first 30 seconds anyway) as the shock of their hilarious abrasiveness is worth being fully surprised by! Just my feelin’ on it! Let me know what you think :)

Unfortunately, no official video or even good YouTube-fan sponsored live action one so it’s just your ears that get this treat for now… I’ll keep lookin’ though!

Cause I love your pretty smile, I love your needy style,
I love to be able to see that you are glamorous from a mile,
I love the way you look, I love the way you cook,
I spend all time watching your pictures on the facebook

‘Cause I love to buy you flowers, I love our hot showers,
I can watch you sleeppin’ for hours and hours,
I love the way you dance, the way you shake that ass,
But the thing I love most is cummin’ on your face, suck it bitch!