A Disney Princess Goes Gay

Hey girl! Have you ever imagined a world where your favorite Disney princesses are voiced by angry gay men? Yeah, I haven’t either. Lucky for us, now we don’t have to! I came across this Youtube gem recently and immediately felt the need to share it. “Bonjour, Girl!” takes the opening scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and gays it up a bit.

Being the diehard Disney fan that I am, I usually don’t like when people mess with the classics, but this is just too funny! Watch the new and improved Belle take a stroll through her “poor provincial town” in the clip below!

Hands down, my favorite part is at 2:18 when she says “That’s how you do it bitch” to the little girl. What would Walt think? haha.

  • Dries

    Love it!

    Hey girl!

  • zurvivor

    so funny.great job to that person.