Insta-Tan: The Bodybuilding Way


I stumbled upon this video after watching a Madonna promo video for her upcoming greatest hits collection. I was always aware that bodybuilders preferred to have darker skin as this was more conducive to showing off their physique and muscle definition. Unaware I was on how pale some of the bodybuilders were. Teen champion bodybuilder, Sean Susini, is shown here getting prepped for a competition. The tanning lotion is being applied on by his dad who is a former bodybuilder himself. It’s pretty amazing how “natural” his tan looks afterwards. He looks like a muscled oompa loompa. He mentions in the video that this comes off quite easily in the shower- yeah right. LOL. I can only imagine how brown/orange your white tub would be after washing all the goop off your body. On a side note, it’s pretty sick how teenagers can have amazing bodies like this at the age of 17. Yeah I’m jealous and can admit it. Enjoy the vid.

Part One

Part Two

  • Timothy

    I had the very interesting opportunity of being backstage at the Canadian National Bodybuilding Championships last weekend. The paint they use is called Pro-tan, it smells like vomit and stays soaked into your skin for about 2-3 days! Gross!