The “Volcanoes” Model Body by Bench

Taking the lead from some of their other rugby counterparts, the National Rugby Team in the Philippines (also nicknamed the Volcanoes) decided to lend their sexy and half-naked services to a popular underwear brand in Asia: Body by Bench. The result is nothing but pure sexy. The ad campaign is being plastered all over the place in the Philippines and is causing some serious controversy.

Last month, the Mayor of Mandaluyong in the Philippines made it publicly known that he was concerned that the billboards and ads would be a distraction to motorists and cyclists passing by. This could be true. When you check out he photos below, you can probably agree that those packages would stop traffic anywhere.

Check out the campaign shots below including a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot.

  • Yves Gray

    Nice post! Thank you from us here in the Philippines! 😀

  • Maxx

    My support goes out to the members of the Volcanoes! Shame on the mayor. and to those Filipino politicians! They made these billboard issue a FRONTPAGE on our local dailies.

  • SEB

    i didn’t know we had a rugby team, and i live in the Philippines rofl

  • Paolo

    The Philippine Volcanoes are awesome! Check out Jessica Zafra’s blog, she’s been covering their (winning) results for about a year now (including more pics of them in their undies, lol)

    The last pic is actually of our Philippine National Football team’s (the Philippine Azkals) captain. Aly is sex on legs.