Olympic Hotties of the Day: Battle of the Bobsleigh Boys


Today, I decided to focus on Bobsleigh boys, since they’ve got a few more heats before they battle it out for the three medals on Saturday. I’m focusing on the 4-man bobsleigh, but obviously focusing the hotties in the quad – you can’t really “take 3 for the team” right? That’s a bit too many. Speaking of too many, there are A LOT of hot Bobsled competitors out there, so I may miss a few (or more than) of your favorites, but rest assured that the ones I’ve selected are golden. Here are my top 10…who’s your number one?

Chris Le Bihan (Canada)


He was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta and has his engineering degree from the University of Alberta. He grew up in Kelowna, BC, playing soccer and lacrosse & also enjoying downhill skiing, as well as mountain biking. After the 2006 Winter Games in Torino, he decided to focus on being his best at bobsleigh for the next four years. Now, he’s at the 2010 Olympics. Nice work, buddy! Did I mention he’s super hot? Chris is married to his wife Naomi.

Ivo Rüegg (Switzerland)


He’s been competing since 2000 and at the last Olympics in Turin, finished 8th in the two-man event and 9th in the four-man event.

Karl Angerer (Germany)


Born in 1979, this 30 year old has been competing since 1999. At 6’1″ and 218 lbs, he’s a beefy sexy man. What is his occupation? Soldier. Makes sense as to how he’s so built, AND why he’s so disciplined and where he’s at in the Olympics.

Allyn Condon (United Kingdom)


This British bobsleigher was born August 24, 1974 AND is former British sprinter. This year, he has made history in becoming 1 of only 2 British athletes to that have competed in both the Summer & Winter Olympics. He competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics (Men’s 4x100m Relay) and is in the two-man and four-man bobsleigh in 2010. Pretty determined guy!

Daumants Dreiskens (Latvia)


This sexy Latvian finished sixth in the two-man event and tenth in the four-man event at the 2006 Olympics – since it’s been four years, maybe this time he’ll place on the podium?

Igor Sarcevic (Republic of Serbia)


Serve me some of this Serbian! This 25 year old beefcake was born August 25, 1984 is a towering 6’3″ and weighs 207 lbs. I think his earing totally suit him too! Grrrr!

Justin Olsen (United States)


A native of San Antonio Texas, this studly American was born April 16, 1987 and has only been competing since ’08. He attended the United States Air Force Academy for a year before trying out for the bobsled team, and like I said before, I think the discipline you learn doing something like that really helps in equipping yourself for what it takes in the Olympics. This guys is super hot.

Chris Fogt (United States)


Born May 29, 1983, Fogt (6 ft tall and 205 lbs) has been competing since 2007. He graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Business Management and completed ROTC and was commissioned into the army as a 2nd LT in the Military Intelligence branch. Well la-tee-da! Brains and Braun!

Steve Langton (United States)


First off, I didn’t want to put THIS many American in the list, but I gotta say, they have some HOT bobsledders. Langton’s story is inspiring as well. After watching the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, he basically applied to a summer recruitment camp in Lake Placid, made it, and the rest is history. He was actually really involved as a sprinter and jumper in track & field and many successes. He also graduated from Northeastern University in 05′ with a degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. Major hot.

Chuck Berkeley (United States)


The last American, and final person on the list. He’s also the tallest – 6’5″ and 228 lbs! Wowza! He lives in California and was born on August 21, 1976. He began in bobsled in 2007. When he’s not competing and training, he works as a real estate broker and for hobbies, he enjoys writing, listening to music, reading fiction novels, and spending time with his family.

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  • Ummmm Patrick…. where are the butt shots? Kind of the best part of bobsledders.

  • Dave

    Good thing you didn’t have Bill Schuffenhauer on your list since he was arrested in Whistler Village for assaulting his fiancée

  • Dan

    How could you not include Steve Holcomb on this list. He is by far the sexxiest of all the Bobsledders. And what other bobsledder has his own dance and and has a poem written about him.

  • GayManinGirlsBody

    Thank you for this post. I don’t know why I didn’t notice bobsleigh guys before. Their butts are AMAZING. And those huge thighs! There should be a site dedicated strictly to bobsled boy booty. And yes, your post needs a shot of the guys from the back. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!