Vote To Help Send The Sexy Blake Skjellerup To The 2014 Winter Olympics

Having wrapped up the 2012 Summer Olympics not too long ago, we can now look ahead towards the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. It seems like just last year that the Winter Olympics were here in our backyard and now the next one is only a couple years away.

One of the athletes that I wrote about following the 2010 Winter Olympics was New Zealand Short Track Ice Speed Skater, Blake Skjellerup. The athlete didn’t hide his sexuality while at the games, walking around the village hand-in-hand with his boyfriend, but he hadn’t spoken publicly about it until after the games when he had an interview with DNA Magazine. Skjellerup even went the the first ever Pride House at the games and was the first competing gay athlete to visit it as well. “I was a bit shocked that I was the first competing gay athlete from these Olympics to visit, especially since I wasn’t able to make it there (owing to scheduling conflicts) until after I had finished competing. But it was great to see such a thing. If I had felt like I needed a space to be myself away from the Olympic village, it would have been there. I hope the idea can grow from Olympics to Olympics.”

Given that he’s from New Zealand, the budget for Winter Olympics and Speed Skating is not the biggest so he needs some help in winning a “People’s Choice Scholarship” from AMP. The organization is offering $10,000 to help one Kiwi “do their thing,” whether that is opera singing, speed skating or whatever. He needs our support!

Click here to vote for Blake

While logged into Facebook, it’s so easy and it takes literally one second as it’s your finger and one click of a button. Afterwards, check out some sexy photos of Blake below.

  • Andrew

    skaters, skiers and cyclists have the most sexy legs!

  • Ky

    Whaaat! He’s from here? NZ? How have I not heard of him :O