Did you watch the 1994 feature film version of The Little Rascals? If so, you’ll probably remember Blake McIver Ewing who played the snotty villainous Waldo. He’s the one wearing the glasses in the promo pic above. He followed up that part with guest spots on Full House, The Nanny and Home Improvement.

Now 28-years-old, Ewing is back on television on Bravo’s social series The People’s Couch. The show is based on the UK show Googlebox, which showcases households in America as they laugh, cry, talk, gasp and scream at their TVs. Based on the snippet I’ve seen, Blake is now a card-carrying sister. Not to go solely based on stereotypes, but if he isn’t a big ‘ol homo, then my gaydar needs some major fine tuning.

After a few Google searches, I discovered he loves taking shirtless selfies and posing in very skimpy swimwear and underwear. Check out what he looks like now below.

The Little Rascals – Waldo’s Performance

The People’s Couch – Untold Stories of the ER