Bachelor Pad’s Blake & Holly Are Engaged

This season of Bachelor Pad has been a steamy, romantic and feisty one… all of the components I love in my reality television. I know this summer’s show was going to be a doosey after all of the contestants told the cameras who they didn’t want to see in the house and then one by one, those enemies started to get out of limos. Amazing.

One of my favorite “storylines” this season is the romance and forbidden love between Blake Julian and Holly Durst. To catch you up, Holly used to be engaged to former Bachelorette contestant Michael Stagliano. The two broke off their engagement prior to the show but decided to come back to the house as friends and as partners. While the two seemed to be falling back in love, along came Blake in for the pounce. The two had started flirting in earlier episodes but the two truly hit off during the kissing competition.

After Blake won the kissing competition for the men, he took Holly on a romantic date (with the help of Bachelor Pad and ABC of course) to Mammoth for some fun on the slopes. Despite Holly’s anxiousness to ski, her and Blake had one of the most romantic dates of the season which lead to some pretty sexy kissing by the fire in their fantasy suite.

When Holly returned, Mike was obviously upset and Blake became his #1 target to get rid of in the house. On Monday’s show, the house had to vote as a pair and ultimately, Holly was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Vote out her best friend Ella and her partner Kirk OR vote out Erica Rose and her partner aka her new love interest, Blake. She decided to vote out Blake to keep things sane with her and Michael but gave him a note saying that it wasn’t the end of the two of them. Obviously not because now the two are announcing that they are engaged.

No details on how the question was popped or anything like that but I for one am absolutely thrilled that the two of them were able to connect and make it happen after the show finished filming. However, who doesn’t feel bad for Michael who kind of got the short end of the stick… well, almost.




It is also being reported that the winners of Bachelor Pad are in fact Michael and Holly. So, it’s not all bad for Mr. Stagliano. What do you think of Blake and Holly’s engagement? Did you see it coming or are you shocked. Sound off below.

  • GagaSuck!

    That slut!!!

  • zurvivor

    she will again break somebody’s heart because of her lack of COMMITMENT.

  • Juju

    Ah! I got spoilered lol! Awww… Poor Michael, he seems so sweet and nice…