Sports Stud: Blake Griffin

Even though the NFL Playoffs are taking place right now, I wanted to highlight a non-football-rugby-soccer athlete to keep the mixture of sports coverage interesting. Due to the rugged and muscular nature of those guys, they tend to be a little too predictable.

This week, I’ve chosen to highlight NBC basketball player, Blake Griffin. I’m surprised that I haven’t highlighted the power forward in a Sports Stud feature to date, considering he was featured in ESPN’s recent issue of “Body’s We Want“. The 22-year-old plays for the Los Angeles Clippers and is originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He offically made his NBA debut in 2011, was selected as an All-Star, won the 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest and was named the NBA Rookie of the Year. Way to start off with a bang! To add to that, Sports Illustrated also ranked him as one of the NBA’s 15 Greatest Rookies of All Time.

Now, I leave you with some sexy shirtless pictures that certainly don’t disappoint. You’ll see why he was selected for ESPN’s issue, the cover of the current issue of Men’s Health magazine, and how he brings the heat when he hits the beach.

Woof! Look at hose abs! Jealous of whoever got to rub him down with sunscreen.

Here’s the sexy ESPN feature he did. Shirts vs. skins? He obviously chose skins.

“How did I get in such amazing shape?!” he thought to himself.

Looking handsome clothed and off the court as well.

A slam dunk in those trunks for sure!

I think he earned that cover with that body, don’t you?

Showing us how it’s done.

This is definitely my favorite shot of him. I love when the shorts are loose enough to have that teasing effect in the rear.

  • Aaron

    He has the most amazing body ever!

  • Bella

    WOW I LOVE HIM Ive ALWAYS HAVE from the moment I saw him on lol And they said heres the new guy in the Nba and I said to myself O MY GOD!lol

  • reya

    dayummmmmm he can get it