britWell, I’m sure you’ve all heard the news about last night’s Britney concert “CIRCUS” in Vancouver, although it should’ve been called “BLACKOUT”!

I don’t know if I really have to give you all a rundown of the show format- mainly because everyone has already posted about it, put up videos etc.- but, I will talk about how Britney Spears made the Vancouver show so special!

If you’ve been paying attention to the tour, you’ll know that at some stops, Britney has been saying some things that have made each show a little different than the last. Two of which are:



But, last night she made her Vancouver stop the most special one yet.

After about 3 songs- with the crowd TOTALLY jazzed up and on their feet screaming and singing and dancing and being all-out uber fans- she goes under the stage for a costume change… and doesn’t come back. Of course, being the true production man I am, I started to analyze with Brad and Jay.

“It’s been a really long time; this must be serious!”

“Do you think it’s technical?”

“Maybe she hurt herself. It wouldn’t be a dancer problem cause who cares, they would just go on.”

Endless possibilities, and the crowd was getting a bit restless. They went from clapping and chanting her name, to booing her, to doing the wave. I swear I could hear everyone twittering the hell out of it last night. After about 20 minutes of nothing, some woman came on over the loud speaker and said that it was too smoky, and that it was bothering the dancers and “Ms. Spears”.

LOLZ! Of course, in BC, pot smoking capital of the world, the show gets stopped ’cause too many people were smoking dope. (A.D, I’m looking at you!). Everyone started to boo again; I giggled. I thought it was funny: she was a cunt to stop the show, and yet, how kinda fierce at the same time. I would do the EXACT same thing, but that’s cause I’m a biotch!

Anyway, it was about 30-40 minutes until she got back on stage, but, by then, the damage was done . The vibe was destroyed. I mean, it was still fun and the show- I thought- was amazing, but something was missing. Maybe it wasn’t as fun because there was any pot smoke left in the air, who knows. The official word from her camp is that it was dangerous because it was bothering the tech crew in the rafters, and if they got dizzy and fell… not good. Whatever.

So, she went back on stage and finished up the show, and, as she was leaving she yelled out:


Oh Britney, ever the charmer.

Check out this video:

The Announcement & The Ending:

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