I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ve found some of the Black Friday commercials this year to be especially entertaining. We’ve even already written about two of them already. Earlier this year, Rebecca Black became a household name because of an annoying catchy song on YouTube. Kohl’s was clever to play off that popularity and use their own version of the song for their Black Friday sales.

The other Black Friday commercial that we’ve already written about is the one by Macy’s, and features Justin Bieber. Of course, it wouldn’t be my favorite simply because he’s in it. It’s how they used him. In the commercial, they have grown men literally screaming like girls at the very sight of him. It seriously makes me laugh out loud every time.

More recently, a commercial by Target came out, featuring the Christmas super fan who trains herself so that she’s fully prepared for their two-day sale. “Faster, faster,” she tells herself as she times herself wrapping presents. It looks like something Kristin Wiig would do in a sketch on SNL and also kind of reminds me of the crazy lady from the Ikea commercial that screams, “Start the car, start the car!” as she runs out of the store with her killer deals. I’ve also included one from Walmart and a hilarious one from Best Buy. Check out the Black Friday commercials below and vote on your favorite!


Kohl’s: Gotta Go to Kohl’s on Black Friday!

Macy’s: “Guys Scream for Justin Bieber”

Target: “2?Day Sale… She’s baaack!”

Best Buy: “Game On Santa”

Walmart: “Shopping List”

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