Black Eyed Peas Release “The Time (Dirty Bit)” Video

Following Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey’s triumph on DWTS, The Black Eyed Peas continue on with their “future flow” in their just released video for their remake of the Dirty Dancing theme song, “The Time“. Directed by Rich Lee, the video features all four members of the Peas (sometimes their full bodies, and sometimes their face on a screen…on a body) having the time of their life dancing away. They even each get an avatar of themselves that grooves to the dirty bit as well.

For the dirty bits, the video takes us into the club where dancers shake what their momma gave them, while some of the Peas turn pixelated! This is something I haven’t seen before in a video, and it certainly should be the Peas to use it first, with their whole futuristic them and everything. The video is really cool and I love the them with the screens as heads. Their performance on Oprah was amazing, using the same idea.

Do you like the song? I’ve heard mixed reviews from people. I figure you might as well start to like it as it’s gonna be one of those songs we hear non stop for a year…like “I Gotta Feeling“.

  • J

    When they make songs like this I hate this group more and more. Ugh.

  • Jared

    This song is horrible. I don’t like remakes of old songs, and this is no exception. Disappointed that they’d come up with something so unoriginal. But it’s so I can’t say im surprised.