Sports Stud: Björn Barrefors

This week’s Sports Stud is a super sexy 23 year old decathlete named Björn Barrefors. I figured I needed to take a break from the usual rugby or football players and pick a sport that wasn’t based on balls. Although there aren’t any balls being passed around for decathletes, there certainly balls are certainly lot exempt from this sport. I’ll get to that shortly.

Originally from Stockholm, Sweden, Barrefors now studies and trains at the University of Nebraska and his major is computer science. I’m pretty sure he’s a sophomore now.

Considering he’s a decathlete (which as you probably already know, trains and competes in essentially all track events), I don’t have to tell you how in shape this guy is and how toned of a body he has.

Now back to the balls. In some of the sexy photos below, you can see his Swedish meatballs outlined by his unitard. I warn you, the following pics may make you Bjorny. Bon appetit!

Swedish massage anyone?

Whoa, and there’s his javelin!

There are two sides to every story. I agree with both sides in this case.

He’s great with poles. I mean pole vault.

  • EZ


  • Johnny

    Wow. I’m siting here looking for some handsome guy photos to get off on. And come to this. Brilliant.

  • Jeffery

    Its not Swedan, its Sweden with 2 E’s

  • jenmer

    i love him already.. but i have to live in reality, he’s too hot to handle.. haha

    just an inspiration though.. wink