Music: The Battle Of The Remixes


Dave Audé and Bimbo Jones are 2 of my favourite remixers of all time. Whenever a new pop song comes out, I just can’t wait for these DJ Producers to get their paws on it and tear it apart sometimes into a completely different song once they’re done with it. Which remixer/producer/DJ do you like best? Both have remixed many pop songs over the years and these are my top 3 songs.

Paradiso Girls – Patron Tequila

Dave Aude Remix

Bimbo Jones Remix

Janet Jackson – Make Me

Dave Aude Remix

Bimbo Jones Remix

Lady GaGa-Bad Romance

David Aude Remix

Bimbo Jones Remix

A few other producer/DJs I enjoy are Peter Rauhofer, Tony Moran, Victor Calderone, Scumfrog, Kaskade, & Razor N Guido. Offer Nissim has had his time in the spotlight but I quickly got tired of his remixes because they all sounded the same. Heavy beats with long drawn out intros just didn’t cut it for me anymore. I know many circuit queens are probably clutching their pearls with that statement about Offer but unfortunately it’s true. Time to reinvent!

Who do you like best?

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  • Jared

    I have more Dave Aude songs on my list but Bimbo Jones has better remixes for these 3 songs.

  • Harlequin

    They both do great, dance-worthy stuff, but I’d say neither. Cahill and Chew Fu all the way. What Chew Fu did to Bad Romance is downright epic. And Cahill knows how to take a song and put a positive, gay spin to it, and while Chew Fu takes the song and twists it into something dark and dirty, Cahill does the opposite, and makes me want to wear glitter. lol

    Here’s the Cahill remix to “Work’ by the Saturdays (The first remix I heard from them) :

    And the Chew Fu remix to “Bad Romance” by Gaga (WOO!):


  • Harlequin

    Oooh, and on a sidenote, you know who does a really good Patron Tequila? DJ Dan.

  • Good ones Harlequin!

    My favourite remix of Bad Romance right now is actually Aaron Paetsch’s:

    What’s the difference between ChewFu’s H1N1 remix and his regular remix of Bad Romance? This is the one I have (ChewFu H1N1 Remix):

    I love Cahill’s remix of Release Me by Agnes.

  • Harlequin

    There are so many ‘Bad Romance’ remixes out there! Ha! I think the only one that didn’t make the cut (For me) was the Richard Vission remix, which sucks, because I love what he did to Hilary Duff’s ‘Reach out’ and BEP’s ‘Meet me Halfway’. I still hold a little hope though, so I’m giving it time to grow on me,–Nc8IiFM

    I think the H1N1 is just a longer name for the same remix. Like how his ‘Russian Roulette’ remix is called the (Chew Fu Black Russian mix). Oooh ‘Release me’! I -love- that song. Third favourite Cahill remix! Have you heard ‘Fight for this Love’, by Cheryl Cole? It’s very much in the footsteps of ‘Release Me’! I recommend this song 800 times over

    I think the first Dave Aude remix I heard was ‘Outta my head’ by Ashlee Simpson (At the O). The beat actually made me stop on the dancefloor and listen. Keep up with these posts! You posted your top 10 remixes one time, and I sat there and hunted ‘Walking on Air’ by Kerli for days! I still go back to that post to see if I can find a few of the other ones.

  • Thanks Harlequin…. Here’s Kerli:


  • Harlequin

    😉 Thanks!