Jessica and Hunter tried to make a sex tape with him. Who wouldn’t want to. Have you seen that body? The hysterical tanned duo tapped former male model Billy Snow for their latest video parody. Ever since the sketch comedy hit the internet this week, Billy has caused an internet sensation with his super sexy body. Every time I see his chest, all I can think about is “nipple-tinis”. Watch the video and you’ll understand what that means.

Born William Paisley Snow Junior, Billy started modeling in Miami but then quickly worked his way to Milan, London and Barcelona. There he made a name for himself doing several runway shows for major designers. Just like many male fashion models before him, he decided to pursue a career in TV and film and moved to Los Angeles. Though he hasn’t landed his major break as of yet, the 6’1″ stud has scored parts on shows like “Dollhouse”, “The Game” and “Criminal Minds”.

It’s only a matter of time before the British-born hottie will make it big. As Samantha from “Sex and the City” said. First you win over the gays, then the teenage girls, then Hollywood will follow. With his shirtless prowess wining the lustful eyes of many gay men, he’s definitely on the right track.

Billy giving his best smoldering look.

Some guys can pull of the man-scara and Billy is definitely one of them.

He can sell a suit or underwear. So versatile. Hopefully he’s as versatile in real life as well. WINK.

This is a screen capture from Jessica and Hunter’s “Sex Tape” sketch.

Pure perfection. Though I’m not super crazy about the poodle hair. Normally long curly hair is my thing, but not in this case.

So readers, what’s the verdict? Is Billy Snow crush worthy? Weigh in with your feedback below.