Watch A Hilarious Preview Of ‘Billy On The Street’

A new super hilarious Funny Or Die show called ‘Billy On The Street‘ is debuting in a couple days on Fuse TV, and we have a little sneak peak for you. The music and pop culture trivia game show is hosted by Billy Eichner. The comedian ambushes people on the streets to ask them to answer ridiculous questions with the hopes they will win a dollar. This isn’t something new to him, as he’s been doing it himself on YouTube for years. He’s a pro.

In the preview below, he asks questions like, “Miss, for a dollar, name two Anne Hathaway movies,” “Sir, little gay, little gay, which makes more sense, Tori Spelling or a crop circle?” and ”True or false, Celine Dion is 65 percent bird?” LOL. He even asks an old woman if she’d be into having a threeway with Michael Buble and Josh Groban.

In upcoming episodes, we can expect hilarious situations like Billy arguing with a toothless homeless man about whether it’s finally Glenn Close’s year to win the Oscar and in the third episode he almost gets into a fist fight with an old lesbian who doesn’t care about Moneyball. LOL.

Enjoy the preview below. I sure did. The show premieres on Fuse Thursday, December 22 at 11e/10c.