Billy George Heats Up ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ With Incredible Hoop Act

Earlier this month, an incredibly talented and sexy male performer took to the stage on Britain’s Got Talent and had the audience cheering (and drooling for that matter) with his one of a kind act.

Acrobatic Circus student Billy George shows off his hoop skills on a cyr wheel. I think Nelly Furtado would agree that this is a Big Hoop. His first move was coming out without a shirt one, revealing his chiseled body and washboard abs. Beyond that, his act was actually quite amazing and the judges credited him on his ability to let his personality shine through and really take the audience for a ride. Some of the judges clearly “fancied” him and who could blame them.

Watch the hot hoop performance below.

  • DouggSeven

    Simon’s plastic surgery is starting to look…odd – and not reversing time, but making him look freakish. Just starting, but any more and it’s full on cat lady.

  • DQ

    This video contains content from Fremantle – Britain’s Got Talent, who has blocked it from displaying on this website.
    Watch on YouTube

    I can’t watch it here but I can watch it on YouTube.
    How exactly is that any different from watching it on this website?

  • Ryan

    ^ Simmer down and just click the youtube link. =P The dude’s personality just rockets his hotness to stellar proportions.

  • Andrew

    There was a similar act on Canada’s Got Talent earlier this year, and IMO he did a better job. Billy George’s routine was a bit less polished, but masked by his good looks and shirtless body…