Bilbao Firefighter 2011 Calendar

During our 2011 hot guy calendar coverage, we featured the sexy firefighters from New York City a couple of weeks ago. I admit, their City of the Brave calendar is eye-pleasing, but these boys from Bilbao could give them a serious run for their money. I don’t know what they’re feeding them over in Spain, but me likey. Apparently, the criteria for being a fireman in Bilbao requires applicants to be gorgeous and built.

Not only are these heroes sexy, but I appreciate the artistic photo direction implemented by the photographer. Sure watching shirtless firefighters in suspenders holding ratchets is hot, but looking at them during staged scenarios makes it far more interesting. It’s good to know that if I’m ever in peril during a vacation in Bilbao, I can look forward to these hunky boys carrying me out of a burning building.

The 2011 Bilbao Firefighter can be purchased online here.

  • Gabriel