Healthy Fast Food…YES PLEASE!

There are a couple things you need to know about me. When I like something, I love it. When I don’t like something, I HATE IT! Same goes for people. If I like you, you’re in good shape, if I don’t…well you’ll know it for sure. Where is this going? I’ll tell you.


One of the things I don’t like (which means I HATE), is the dreaded black screen with three words on it. To Be Continued…


So you can imagine my utter disappointment when The Biggest Loser ended like that this week. So not impressed, especially how they teased me last week and took TWO DAYS to finish the weekly episode, as opposed to two hours on one night. Why do they do this to me? Honestly do they sit around a big boardroom table and say “How can we mess with Tommy this week?” Not cool Biggest Loser, not cool!


roccoSo, this week’s episode wasn’t as exciting as previous weeks, although it did have hottie Rocco DiSpirito (is that how you spell his name?) showing how to cook low fat versions of their fave fast food. Let me tell you, my ears perked up and I went full Scooby Doo! If any of you know me, I’m a SLAVE to fast food. I can eat it 3 times a day without feeling guilty whatsoever. Lately though, I’ve desperately tried to not touch it. I have slipped twice, but McBreakfast’s are the exception to any diet. They are just too damn good…mmm McBreakfast.




Ok, so they were talking about what they would eat, and they were saying like “I could eat a whole pizza!” “I would eat McDonalds 3 times a day”, and I’m like “Yep, me too!”. It kinda freaked me out a bit. Luckily I was on my treadmill (I told you, TV inspires me, and distracts me from how much I HATE working out) and just turned up the incline. I Oprah walked my ass for over an hour. I’ll own it! I did my Oprah power walk while watching the fatties make the healthy pizza.


YES! I’m a POWER WALKER and I’m not ashamed of it! You got a problem with that? I’ll just never do it in public.


The twist this week is that the entire group (all 11) had to lose more than 77 pounds to give the entire team immunity, otherwise 2 people would be voted off. Of course, my girl TARA kicked ass, losing another 11 pounds (the amount I want to lose in three months), Ron the father, who we find out this week got some stomach surgery to try and make himself thinner hence the horrible disfigurement, did pretty well. Sione drops the ball and only loses 3 pounds, he blames it on working out with Jillian and not Bob, and Kristin does well losing 9. It’s all on Mike’s shoulder which…OK this is what bugs me. They are acting like it’s ALL UP TO HIM, meanwhile if they put Sione last, he would’ve been the weakest link. Trickery I say.


So Mike gets on the scale, it’s so tense. He needs to lose like 11 pounds to make then all safe. I’m on the edge of my exercise ball, like freaking out. Jesus, I love this show. The numbers go up and down, figuring out where to settle. I don’t blink, and then…