Meryl Streep Joins ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2

Big Little Lies just got a little bigger.

Meryl Streep joins the award-winning series for its second season. Reportedly, she’ll play Mary Louise Wright, the mother-in-law of Nicole Kidman’s character Celeste Wright and mother of Alexander Skarsgard’s Perry Wright. She arrives in Monterey concerned for the well-being of her grandchildren and to search for answers surrounding the death of her son Perry.

This marks a bit of a homecoming for Streep. She previously worked with HBO on the miniseries adaptation of Angels in America. That leading role earned her an Emmy. Chances look pretty good that she’ll get another one. The first season of Big Little Lies took home eight Emmys and four Golden Globes. It’ll be interesting to see if it can repeat that success, especially if it moves to the drama category instead of limited series.

Streep, along with Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, are the only ones confirmed for Season 2. Zoe Kravitz, Shailene Woodley and Laura Dern are expected to return. Rumor has it, Skarsgard might come back in some sort of capacity. Flashbacks maybe?

The seven episode second season of Big Little Lies is expected to premiere in 2019 on HBO. Thoughts on Streep joining the all-star cast? Weigh in below.