The Marathon That Is…Big Day Out


Well, it was my second festival in Australia, and Summer really is defined by it’s festivals. Festival season in Australia is a series of parties, one after the other, with you, thousands of your closest friends, and dozens of your favorite bands in 30+ degree heat. Big Day Out is the biggest musical festival in all of Australia, and it travels city to city over the course of a couple weeks. I was grateful enough to have one of the best days of my life attending the Park Lands at the Gold Coast outside the city.

The event attracted 75 bands playing on 8 different stages simultaneously across acres of land occupied by over 75,000 people attending. The scope and breadth of the event blew my mind. The first person I had the pleasure of seeing was the incomparable Girl Talk, and boy oh boy was I a sweaty mess by the end of it. This juggernaut DJ has taken cover songs and put them on steroids and listening to and standing in front of him causes infectious feet. I danced and shook what my mama gave me until I no longer could. That was only the start.

We quickly bounced over to the Blue Stage and watched Dizzee Rascal give it up and deliver his hits. Although half way through the set, the sound suddenly cut out, and what we chalked up to a sound problem, through word of mouth, was found out to be actually quite the disaster. Apparently a can was thrown hitting Dizzee in the mouth to which he climbed down into the crowd (a la Kid Cudi in Vancouver), and gave the guy a little bit of a thrashing. Fisticuffs thrown, he resumed his place and finished the rest of a fantastic set (now everyone listen to “Bonkers” and jump up and down).


Side by side to the Blue Stage, they were setting up the Orange stage for Lily and we shuffled ever so slightly to the left to get a good place and Lily (pictured above) came out in a hot buttcheek revealing onesie and entertained us to no avail. I must say, my stay in this country has really opened my eyes to Ms. Allen, especially living with, what I now know as, the biggest Lily Allen fan ever. By the end of the set, everyone agreed one thing though: it was not water in her water bottle. What a hot delicious mess.


We split from there, a couple of us going to Jet (who apparently rocked the kasba), and me and a few going to see the tail end of Ladyhawke (shown above) who is just amazing and sounds FANTASTIC live. After they finished, we found ourselves in front of a DJ set from Simian Mobile Disco, and after a quick sweaty dance decided to line up for Peaches.

Well, we made the right decision. Peaches continues her popularity in this country despite her new stuff dwindling back home, and although my third time seeing the Queen of Electro Rock, I must say her filthy mouth, eccentric costumes, dirty songs, and heavy beats have only improved over time. We’re talking multiple costume changes, stage diving, a shirt’s off only party, and a point where she literally walked on the crowd’s shoulders! (“Jesus walked on water. Peaches walks on you.”) She was the highlight of live shows for me at the festival and anyone who passes up the opportunity to see her after years of perfecting her stage shows is a fool FOOL I SAY, fool!


The night ended passing through the big stage to see a few songs from Muse (above), and then over to see Groove Armada end our marathon. Groove Armada was not on the main stage, but the crowd was the size of one at a main stage.


Struggling to get a good look, we stood at the back, made a couple friends, danced our last dance, and watched an AMAZING and electric performance, mind blowing laser show (shown above) included. Groove Armada still rules. Their songs still make you move. Know, that for music lovers, Summer is Festival Season in Australia, and despite sun stroke, heat exhaustion, and sun burn, do not come here in any January in the future, without buying a ticket to Big Day Out.