Big Brother UK Hunks Lather Each Other Up In The Shower

Big Brother Season 19 premieres in just a few days. Hopefully, the guys on the CBS series follow in the footsteps of their UK counterparts. Better yet, they can up the ante 😉

Tom Barber, Kieran Lee and Lotan Carter recently gave viewers a saucy show while engaging in some good clean fun. They wrestled and lathered each other up in the shower while water poured over their chiseled bodies. At one point, the trio even pushed their bare bums up against the glass. Oh those crazy Brit boys.

Check out the fun scene below. Also, if you missed my post about Lotan, check it out. Reportedly, he got his penis insured for £12 million. Imagine being the appraiser for that 😉

Big Brother UK Hunks Hit The Showers