Big Brother Reveals Twist(s) For Season 17 & Julie Chen Tears Up Talking About Transgender Houseguest


Big Brother Canada Season 3 was riddled with insane twist after another. Foolishly, I was hoping the US edition would show some restraint and not follow suit. Boy, was I wrong. Houseguests will be thrown curveballs each and every week.

Dubbed “BB Takeover,” two surprise guests will appear each week to introduce a new insane twist into the game. Season 17’s houseguests are in for a rocky ride. I expect the surprise guests will mostly consist of previous contestants.

“This is going to be the biggest ‘Big Brother’ ever!,” teases executive producer Rich Meehan. “Surprise guests, twists every week all summer long and, of course, Zingbot! But the houseguests better keep their focus, because ‘Big Brother’ is all about relationships. Trust me, with all the twists and turns, those bonds will be more important than ever, because at the end of the week, it’s your housemates that send you packing on eviction night.”

In other BB-related news, Julie Chen talked about Big Brother’s first transgender houseguest. Producers were hoping to keep Aubrey Middleton’s transgender status a secret until premiere night, but TMZ leaked the news. Chen tears up talking about Aubrey during The Talk. Watch the clip below.

Julie Chen Talks About Aubrey Middleton

  • bannock-hou

    Homophobic Jeff Schroeder doing the interview, NO. CBS what are you doing?! Should have been Ross Matthews. Am nervous about the response with this announcement. Stay on top of this Donovan.

  • IthinkJEFFisGAY

    Homophobic Jeff Schroeder? I know he is technically married to one of the most amazingly likable and awesome women in the world, but I have always thought Jeff is a little light in the loafers. His hesitance to even live in the same city with Jordan, and his love of boy bands make me think Frankie has a chance. Never seen him give the homophobic vibe ever!