When CBS announced four house guests would be returning for Season 14 of “Big Brother”, fans began to speculate if their favorite would be one of them. The names will be officially revealed on the premiere on Thursday, July 12, but spoilers have surfaced online revealing their identities. If you’re an avid “Survivor” fan, you might be aware of Missyae. With the help of Russell Hantz, he successfully spoiled Seasons 19 and 20. Missyae is back and is claiming to know with 100% certainty regarding the veterans and their capacity on the show.

He says there will be “4 Big Surprises” on the premiere. Each of the veterans will act as a mentor and chose their group in a school yard pick. Reportedly, each mentor will receive $20,000 for their participation mentoring. When their entire team is taken out, their job as mentor is done. If one of their “students” happen to win the game, the veteran will receive $100,000 while the winner will receive the usual $500,000. Find out who are the rumored vets coming back below.

From left to right: Janelle Pierzina, Mike “Boogie” Malin, Rachel Reilly and Dan Gheesling. Every single one is a previous winner with exception to Janelle who, IMHO, was robbed twice. If the rumors are true, I’m ecstatic that the buxom blonde bombshell is back. On the flip side, I’m not looking forward to seeing Rachel three summers in a row. I thought seeing her on “The Amazing Race” was the last we heard of her. Speaking of the redhead, Missyae is reporting “the Survivor connection HATES Rachel Reilly.” Obviously, he’s talking about Willie Hantz, “Survivor” Russell’s brother who’s part of this season of “Big Brother”.

What do you think of the returning players? Are you hoping it’s true? Who are you not looking forward to seeing again? Sound off below.