CBS Unveils Cast For Big Brother 19: Over The Top

big-brother-season-19-castThe dust has barely settled on Season 18, but that isn’t stopping CBS from launching another season of the long-running reality show. Hopefully, they’ve had enough time to sterilize and fumigate the house. The previous houseguests were messy!!!

The summer staple will air a fall iteration, being dubbed Big Brother: Over The Top, airing exclusively on the CBS All Access subscription service. It marks the first time, all house activity including competitions, nominations will be available for live viewing. If that wasn’t enough, select live Diary Room sessions will also be available.

It marks the first time since Season 1 that viewers will choose the winner. The network also teased fans will have more power than ever before in terms of nominations, evictions and game-changing twists. More details to follow.

Check out below the twelve houseguests, which includes a pair of sisters, vying for the reduced jackpot of $250,000. The newbies will be joined by either Season 17’s Jason Roy or Season 18’s Jozea ‘Messiah’ Flores, based on viewer votes.

Given that the current gender breakdown is seven women and only five men, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Jason and Jozea re-enter the house. Expect the unexpected. Could there be a gay showmance for the very first time ever 😉

Big Brother Season 19: Over The Top Cast

Monte Massongill (Top left)

Age: 25
Hometown: Olive Branch, Miss.
Occupation: engineer associate

On his strategy: I want to be strong and people to know I’m not to be messed with, but at the same time, a genuine nice guy. That’s a fine line. I think if you get enough allies, people won’t vote you off. I’m a very unique person. I think until people get to know who I am, I’m going to be stereotyped, I have been my whole life. I think people will see me as an alpha male or arrogant. I think the strongest people are the ones who build people up. I believe over time, I’m going to be more liked by people in the house. Usually, you like people first and then start disliking them.

Danielle Lickey (Second from left)

Age: 23
Hometown: Visalia, Calif.
Occupation: pre-school teacher

On her strategy: I want to find the one person I’m naturally going to click with. That might happen Day One, but it might take a while. It’s easier to stay loyal to someone that you actually click with. And of course there’ll be other people I’ll align with, but I want that one person.

Justin Duncan (Second from right)

Age: 27
Hometown: New Orleans
Occupation: seafood restaurant owner

On his strategy: I’m not going to backstab anyone unless they backstab me. I’m going to cook for everybody in the house. I’m going to cook if they feel hungry. Win them over with the food, kind of distract them a little bit.

Alex Willett (Top right)

Age: 25
Hometown: Granbury, Texas
Occupation: animation designer

On her (three-step!) strategy: I have a three-step strategy that I plan on implementing. First step is to get to know everyone’s personality, who’s mean, who’s manipulative, who’s a drama queen, who’s strategic. Once I have everyone’s personality laid out, I’m going to pick my people and use them to get the blood on their hands instead of my hands. I think that requires having a really good social game and making sure you’re on good terms with everyone, similar to how Derrick was. … Once I have my people in line taking out my targets, I’m going to turn it up at the end and become the competition beast I know I can be and win and get myself to the end that way.


(from left to right)

Kryssie Ridolfi

Age: 31
Hometown: Chicago
Occupation: waitress

On her strategy: I power-lift for fun, so I hope to bond over weights with hopefully a strong but also dumb guy. That’s kind of what I’m banking on here. I will make friends that way. You need someone strong to be aligned with in physical challenges. I’m tough, but there are going to be certain things that other people are better at than me. … The whole weight-lifting bond isn’t someone you normally run into with a female, so I think me being so into that is going to help me. I don’t think I’ll be totally forthcoming with how much I’m into it and how long I’ve been doing it.

Michael “Cornbread” Ligon

Age: 41
Hometown: Augusta, Ga.
Occupation: foreman

On his strategy: I want to make friends and be myself. I’m going to come in a little subtle. You don’t want to overdo it and they’re going to want me on their side. I’m going to be underestimated and that’s a good thing. I’m an ol’ country boy and they’ll think I’m stupid. For people to underestimate me, that’s going to bite them. I’ll play that game. I’m not here to change anybody’s opinion of me. I want to be like Donny with a little bit of Derrick.

Morgan Willett

Age: 22
Hometown: Granbury, Texas
Occupation: publicist

On applying with her sister, Alex: My mom and sister are huge superfans and every year, they’re like, “Apply! Apply! Apply!” And finally, I was like, “Why not?” I saw a tweet that said, “Send an email.” And then I got a call and then a Skype interview and then it was “You’re going to L.A.” It was a span of three weeks. My mom is super jealous of us. She loves Big Brother. And we’re really good friends. She was like, “I’m gonna watch you 24/7.” She was like, “Make sure you watch what you say. Your grandma is watching.”

Neeley Jackson

Age: 33
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Occupation: Sales associate

On her strategy: I’m definitely going to downplay my intellect and be the super fun, bubbly homegirl. It’s going to be a mixture of Rachel and Derrick. My personality is very Rachel — very tell-it-like-it-is. But at the same time, working in sales, I know how to read people, so I want to be like the cool, chill homegirl that you talk to and feel comfortable enough to tell things to. That way, unfortunately, I can stab you in the back with that information or make smart alliances. Derrick was one of the best players because he listened and talked. He was cool with everyone.


(from left to right)

Scott Dennis

Age: 24
Hometown: Bangor, Maine
Occupation: debt collector

On his strategy: I want to win as many competition as possible and use those competitions to leverage myself to form as many deals as possible with people. I’m not worried about winning comps and being viewed as a threat. I’m practically translucent. … Hopefully I can stay true to those deals as long as I can. I’m thinking maybe an all-male alliance at the beginning, somewhat similar to The Brigade in Season 12, but I would really like to bring a female to the end. I’m not trying to be sexist, but a female has never beaten a male in the final two. I have no idea who won Big Brother 18, so if Nicole beat one of the guys, then I might have to rethink things.

Shane Chapman

Age: 24
Hometown: Brevard, N.C.
Occupation: roofer

On his strategy: I’m going to smooth-talk my way into friendships. I want a showmance. What I’ve watched – showmances and alliances bring you pretty far. Having another person I can connect with would help me going to the end.

Shelby Stockton

Age: 24
Hometown: Fountain Hills, Ariz.
Occupation: recent law school graduate

On showmances: I keep saying I’m not going to get into a showmance, but it really depends on if there’s a cute guy in there. But yeah, it’s probably going to happen. I’ve been saying I’m not going to streak or do nudity and I don’t think that’s going to change.

Whitney Hogg

Age: 21
Hometown: Whitesburg, Ky.
Occupation: medical assistant

On her strategy: My strategy is to be my bubbly self. Hopefully people think I’m open and easy to talk to and definitely use my Southern charm. I just want people to like me, but I want them to feel comfortable with me so they’ll include me in their strategies. I want to make big moves when the time is right, not go in there guns blazing. My family has told me that I do not need to up my accent any more! That did cross my mind. I’m just going to go in there and be myself and be Southern and bubbly. I definitely think it will be an advantage unless they think my voice is super annoying or something. You don’t get to hear or talk to someone like me every day.