Which Former Big Brother Houseguest Exhibitionist Would You Make Head Of Your Household?

With Big Brother 13 commencing next week with the return of some former houseguests, it was inevitable that I would take a trip down memory lane and some of the x-rated photo scandals from former houseguests. With that, I grew…curious (get your mind out of the gutter) to know which of the above five hotties you fancy most after having seen them in the buff. Some of them have shown more than others and were leaked to the general public without permission. It does makes sense that someone who is okay with a camera filming them 24/7 for an entire summer also be someone would have an exhibitionist inside of them. I’m definitely not complaining.

Check out the photos below to decide which four men you would evict from your household and which sexy exhibitionist would you make your own person Head of Household?

Nick Starcevic (Big Brother 8)

Recently, Donovan told you about Starcevic showing off his goods on GuysWithiPhones, strategically just before this upcoming season starts. He’s dated three former contestants – Evel Dick’s daughter, Danielle Donato, Jen Johnson also from Season 8, and Season 12?s Kristen Bitting. Dono said it best: “Judging by his nude pic, we know it’s just not his milkshake that brings girls to the yard. It’s his supersize straw as well. SLURP and SUCK.”Click here for fully nude NSFW photo.

Steven Daigle (Big Brother 10)

This former houseguest, known as the “Gay Cowboy” is the only one out of all of these guys that is really getting paid for his nudity. Shown above is the cover to his debut porn. Since then he’s been making more movies and touring North America. Definitely a Big Brother suc-sex story!

Brendon Villegas (Big Brother 12)

A while back, Brendon’s “head of household” made it’s rounds on the web after a woman he had showed it to via webcam leaked them to the public. Brendon then made a tearful apology for disrespecting Rachel that way. It was quite comical actually. “Click here for fully nude NSFW photos.

Jesse Godderz (Big Brother 10 & 11)

His pictures have been around forever and are simply modeling pics. Nothing scandalous here. I’m glad he downsized from his former overmuscled body building size to just a regular beefcake. He’d be so much hotter if he wasn’t so in love with himself.

James Rhine (Big Brother 6 & 7)

This guy showed off his goods via webcam to the same woman that Brendon Villegas did! Wowza! More like “Big Sister is watching!” I didn’t watch this season, but I know all I need to know now! “Click here for fully nude NSFW photos.

Which Former Big Brother Houseguest Hottie Would You Want To Make Your Head Of Household?

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  • Landon

    There are way hotter Big Brother guys than these 5!!!
    Jeff Schroeder BB11
    Alex BB9
    Dan, Memphis BB10
    for example

  • Dave

    I think you missed the point of this article……it’s BB Exhibitionist…..i.e. guys who have showed their stuff outside of the house.

  • Kaysar.

    But, of these guys mentioned, Nick Starcevic. Fuckin dreamy.

  • MrPectacular

    Jessie Godderz is currently wrestling as Mr. Pectacular with TNA Impact Wrestling capitalizing on the ”T & A”. Umm Humm