A few weekends ago, some of the Homorazzi cast along with some other close friends went spent the weekend away at Adam‘s cabin on Gambier Island. It’s an annual trip every August, and for the second time at the cabin, I thought it would be fun to organize a “Big Brother” game for us to play the first night we were there.

As you’d expect, while at the cabin, our activities consist of eating, drinking, playing cards, and playing drinking games, so this game is a great way to bring some of those activities together and…encourage us to stab each other in the back. I had announced that we’d be playing it on the boat ride over, and the whispering, plotting, scheming, and alliances began right away – it was hilarious!

Houseguests (Back Row Left To Right: Landon, Jonny, Colby, Patrick, Joel, Matt, Mitch, Adam, Dan; Front Row Left To Right: Kodie, Brian, Donovan)

Who do you think wins? Watch and find out!

How We Played:

  • HOH Competition. Each person rolls the dice. First person to roll doubles is the HOH. There were 12 of us, so in the event that two people rolled doubles, they would each roll again and whoever got the highest roll would be the Head of Household.
  • Nomination Ceremony. HOH nominates two people for eviction and announces the names to everyone
  • Power of Veto Competition. We play a round of “Asshole,” the card game. Essentially, you can play any one round of any card game of your choice here, but at the end of the round there has to be a winner. That person wins the POV and can Veto one of the nominations (or take themselves off the block if they are one of the nominees)
  • Veto Ceremony. The POV winner announces what they will do with their Power of Veto – they can choose to hear speeches from the nominees and have them plead their case. Save themselves (if on the block), save one of the nominees, or do nothing at all. If they save one of the nominees, the HOH must choose a replacement nominee right away
  • Eviction Ceremony. Everyone except the HOH, the 2 nominees, and the previously evicted houseguests gets a slip of paper that they write who they want evicted on. They put it into a hat or box and someone reads out the votes. The person with the most votes is evicted, and for fun, should do an exit speech.
  • At the end, the final two (or three) people do a speech and all those evicted vote on who they want to win. The person with the most votes wins the game.

Now, the filming was very “guerrilla style” and in editing the footage, I realized that we didn’t film the first eviction, so when you watch the video, you won’t see that our friend Colby was the first person evicted from the house/cabin. Sorry Colby! After him, 11 houseguests remain. Find out who conquers the game below: