Big Brother 11: Chima Breaks Houserules and is Kicked Off the Show


I KNEW she was bad news. Chima Simone, the 32 year old freelance journalist from West Hollywood was sent home after last night’s broadcast for breaking the show’s rules. She isn’t even going to be part of the jury! Here’s what CBS said:

“Below is a statement from CBS regarding Chima’s departure:

CBS Statement Regarding Chima on Big Brother: “Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show’s jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show.”

CBSBig Brother Web Team”



Apparently, after being rocked by her nomination, she just lost it. She stopped wearing her microphone, despite being asked numerous times by producers to put it back on. She kept talking about production and was repeatedly asked not too. She then threw her microphone into the pool, which apparently will hold a $5,000 fine against her. She (and Natalie) had apparently been trouble for producers ever since Jesse was kicked out, as they were threatening to walk out of the show. I hope we get to see what finally pushed her over the edge. Regardless, she’s gone now and I don’t think any tears will be shed.

Hmm, I wonder what this means. Will they bring someone back to replace her? Or will the double eviction that was to take place this week just be a single? Also, I wonder what really went down. She probably FLIPPED on Michele for putting her and Natalie up. It’s funny how she says Russell is so out of control and a loose cannon, yet she has no concept of herself and how erratic and outspoken she is.

Seven houseguests remain in the house and the power is clearly to one side now, unless they bring someone back. It is Natalie, Lydia, and Kevin against Jeff, Jordan, Russell, and Michele.

I think the strong alliance should get rid of Kevin next, then get rid of one of their own (Russell), and then Natalie and Lydia.

  • wc

    wait until tuesday when the cheetos go missing 😉 absolutely hysterical she is!