Big Brother Canada Season 1: Finale “And The Winner Is… A Mistake?”

All right guys tonight was the finale for Canada’s first ever Big Brother! With a highly controversial end let’s look back on how we got to this night.

For the first part of tonight three part HOH it was an endurance challange. Jillian going in figured she had the advantage as the girls are typically better at endurance challenges than the boys. However tonight’s endurance challenge was built for the boys and she was not expecting that. The first challenge was named “No Blood on My Hands”. Players had to balance themselves while holding a poll that held up a bucket of blood. The last player standing secured his/her spot in the last part of the HOH . The difficult part about this challenge was the weight of the blood, which caught all the houseguests off guard. After 1hr 33mins Jillian could not hold onto her bucket an longer and she was eliminated. I was glad she dropped first. She went into the competition way too confident telling Emmett she’ll win the first part and he’ll win the second making sure Gary had no power. At the 4hr mark, Gary dropped his bucket crowning Emmett the winner of the first HOH. Emmett automatically moved on to the final stage and got to sit back while Jillian and Gary duked it out for a spot next to him.

The second challenge was a physical memory game of the past HOH’s. It was basically a twisted game of ring toss. Players where given rings inscribed with the names of past HOH’s.  In order, they had to take the rings and climb across a ball pit using monkey bars.  Player that fell into the ball pit faced a 30 second penalty that would be added to their final time. They then stood at a platform and tried to toss the ring around numbered pinecones.   The player with the fastest time moved on to the final HOH competition to face off with Emmett. Jillian went first and it looked like she was off to a good start. She knew the order of the HOH’s and she got her first 2 rings on the first toss. However when it came to Tom’s both Gary and Jillian had a hard time. Jillian lost a lot of time trying to get Tom’s ring on but made up for it near the end when the HOH order was Jillian, Emmett, and Jillian. Gary was up after and aside from Tom’s ring he had it easy. That was until he tried to save time by leaping from the first to the last bar. He didn’t jump far enough and slipped into the ball pit. When he finished all Gary could do was pray that his time was good enough even with the 30 second penalty to beat Jillian.  In the end Jillian completed the challenge in 16mins and 28 secs, Gary with his 30sec penalty completed it in………….. 12mins and 38 secs meaning he moved on to face Emmett in the final stage.

The last part was a trivia challenge on how well the players knew the first 6 evicted houseguests. For the first 5 questions Emmett and Gary entered the exact same answers. It wasn’t until the last question that they changed it up. Both tied this was the deciding factor. The final question was: “True or False, Suzette’s strategy was to talk about her kids and family to gain sympathy votes.” I knew the answer to this was false because although she did talk about her kids a lot that wasn’t her strategy going into the house. With an answer of ‘false’ Gary won the final HOH!!!

After Gary’s win he only had a few moments to gather his thoughts and come to a decision as to whom he was taking to the final 2. Having a final 2 deal with Emmett I assumed it was be a no brainer. However knowing how the jury felt about Jillian Gary knew that he had a better chance at winning the grand prize sitting next to her rather than the milk man. Ultimately Gary chose to take Jillian to the end evicting Emmett and making him the final member of the jury.

Before he or she cast their votes each juror got to ask one question to one of the potential winners. This is what kinda annoyed me because the houseguest gave too much away as to who they were going to vote for. They didn’t really have any game questions, and merely used it as a chance to socialize. Moving onto Peter that when things got interesting. He began his question like this” My question is for Villian, I think that you’re an idiot and an awful player however, you have the opportunity to prove me wrong and gain my vote.” First, I think that was hilarious and so him, second, I liked his question but it was extremely difficult to answer. He basically asked her why she deserved to win but she couldn’t use Emmett or her competition wins in her answer which made no sense. Her competition wins counts for her strength as a player and Emmett accounts for her social game so I don’t quite know what he expected from her in her answer. Last but not least was Emmett and he had the best question out of the bunch. He asked Gary why he, a player that was given a second chance in the game should win over Jillian, a player who stayed in the house form start to finish.  Gary basically said it was part of the game, he took his second chance and made big moves and played harder and smarter than he did before. Winning the veto to save himself, taking all of those punishments to keep himself in the game and also winning the final HOH and securing his spot in the final two.

Finally it was time to see how the jury voted. This is where things got a little questionable. For the first time in Big Brother history a houseguest voted for the wrong player to win.

  • Emmett – Jillian
  • AJ – Gary
  • Talla – Jillian
  • Alec – Gary
  • Topaz – Jillian *

It made sense, when I heard how Topaz voted I was taken back because all night and whilst in the jury we heard nothing but how happy Topaz was that Gary was back in the game. The second Arisa announced who Topaz had voted for she did not hesitate to jump up and declare that it was a mistake and someone changed her vote. This caused quite a stir to which they had to take a commercial break to clear it up. Afterwards they showed footage of which keycard she took out of her case and it was indeed Jillian’s.  I was completely crushed. Here is how the remaining jury members voted.

  • Peter – Gary
  • Andrew  – Jillian

Jillian, by mistake, received the last vote of the night and won Canada’s first Big Brother!! The moment I heard that Peter had voted for Gary I wanted to cry because had Topaz selected the correct key card, Gary would have won right there and Andrew’s voted wouldn’t have even mattered. I don’t even know what to say about Topaz. Bottom line is for Canada’s first Big Brother I think it was a success, overall I think next year (if there is a next year) casting should be done somewhat differently I feel this seasons bunch were far too polite and reserved. Afraid to upset anyone or get blood on his/her hands games moves took longer and were stretched out. Anyways the US Big Brother with all its juicy drama is not far away with casting for Big Brother 15 nearly complete. I can’t wait! #teamgary

  • KB


  • doug

    you think it was a success?? It was a horrible hot mess.

  • Mark

    I’m so disgusted by this finale that I literally wanted to break my computer screen. Gary was robbed and they should just give him the money and the shopping spree regardless. This is sickening and pathetic. Topaz knew she wanted to Vote for Gary, they should have just let her pick the right key. ABSOLUTELY DONE WITH BB CANADA.

  • Evan

    @doug and Mark Agreed!

    I feel like we spent the three months watching the show three nights a week only to be robbed out of a proper finale, with the winner winning by mistake. Also, the whole “misvote” controversy seemed suspicious and was probably staged. The show spent so much time trying to compete/one up the US version with all it’s twist’s, that it ended up being so horribly produced and turned into one joke of a show. I’ve watched the show for years and I’ve seen all of the US seasons, along with other countries versions, and I must say this was the WORST. I hope the show is cancelled, or production can get it’s act together for season two.

    P.S. Fire Arisa Cox! Such HORRIBLE hosting. Next host, I vote for Glitter Gary! It’s the least the show could do.