‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1 Episode 9: “Kiss Me I’m Irish!”

Where do I begin? Last nights episode was jam packed with twists, turns and blindsides! I didn’t think them Canadians had it in them! The general theme in the house last night was that Liza is a snake, she is evil, manipulative, and she has alliances with the whole house. Emmett being the new HOH he had his sights set on Liza. He wants her out of the picture so that his It’s no secret both Liza & Emmett share a rivalry for Tom’s attention. I’m just wonder why it’s Tom of all people…

It’s been about 23 days in the Big Brother house, and the houseguests have not seen outside people  in almost a month. So you could image when the front doors opens they are all gasping for the fresh air and fresh faces. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, Big Brother had a small parade bring the Irish Festivities to the houseguests. There was a leprechaun, beer and a drunken idiot, the 3 major components of a good St. Patty’s day. They weren’t in the house for long, 235 seconds to be precise, but right after they left the houseguests were called into the living room by Big Brother. Big Brother informed the houseguests that 4 players during the past HOH competition broke the rules of the game. In the Bees Knee’s competition, houseguests were only allowed to transfer balls using their knees, Alec, Jillian, Talla, and Emmett were the rule breakers. Although it was unintentional, Big Brother did not take it lightly. The most shocking move of the night was when Big Brother withdrew Emmett ‘s HOH status and announced the HOH was invalid. The 4 accused became the Have Not’s for the week, and were not permitted to compete in the next HOH comp that happened moments after.

Right after houseguests were lead to the backyard where the Have Not’s competition was suppose to take place, however it became the HOH comp instead. Players were asked a series of questions based on the parade they viewed minutes prior. The answer were either true of false. For each correct answer players were awarded 1 point. The player with most point at the end of 7 turns became the new HOH. By the final round it was Gary, Suzette and AJ tied with 3 points. I was extremely surprised that AJ scored any points, never mind in the tiebreaker round. For the tie breaker question houseguests players were asked : How many second did the St. Patrick’s Day parade last from the time they entered the door to the time the last member left? Everyone went over except Gary, crowning him the new HOH!

Prior to Gary’s nominations, Gary sat down with every single houseguest to talk game and hear who they wanted to see go. The consensus of the house was that Liza needed to go. She was gunning after everyone and their mother and was a fierce competitor that was a serious threat. Other gave Gary the option of trying to break up some of the showmances in the house, considering there is quite a few of them. Gary’s main goal was to make the first Big move in the Big Brother Canada house. At the nominations ceremony I wasn’t sure whom he was gunna put up. Thankfully was have a player that is willing to get a little blood on his hands with their nominations. Gary nominated Liza and Tom for eviction, go back on his word by nominating Tom. Gary explained that this was the house talking and his real target was Liza. Tom felt completed betrayed and didn’t care much that he wasn’t the target. He plans to win the veto, save himself, and come after Gary next week. Be sure to check out Wednesday’s episode to see the results of the Veto, & Thursday is double evict so you don’t want to miss it.

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