‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1 Episode 8: “Canada’s POV!”

At the end of Wednesday’s episode the overall mood of the house was slightly less chaotic. Suzette was coming to terms with her dawning eviction and AJ felt like the safest pawn in the history of Big Brother. His confidence was more than irritation as he continuously stated his only concern for eviction night was what to wear.

Tom’s power trip continued & his showmance with Liza left the rest of the Quatro alliance with mixed feelings. Liza’s strategy is to align herself with the guy in the house without each other knowing. Her plan only works if she gains the trust of them but so far it seems to be working. She’s got Tom, Peter & now Andrew, however Tom’s jealously has him setting his sights on Andrew. He even goes as far as to cuddle with Topaz in front of Liza to her jealous. Tom’s increasing obsession with Liza is beginning to worry his alliance. Holding all the power this week, the Quatro alliance looks to him for important game moves. His mood swings are giving them whiplash & they want to remove Liza from the picture. Peter, being secretly allianed with Liza, warned her that her relationship with to Tom may be putting her in danger. Emmett and Alec don’t trust her and want her gone to keep Tom’s mind focused on the game.

It must have been an epiphany or some sort because Suzette decided she wasn’t going to leave without a fight.  She began to hardcore campaign & it she managed to wrangle up a few votes. Little did she know Canada had their own Power of Veto they plan to use it on one of the nominee’s.

During the live eviction Arisa Cox informed houseguests of this seasons first twist. Canada voted and the houseguest they chose to save was…….. Suzette! I voted as well and chose to save Suzette, she’s more entertaining than AJ and the look on Tom’s face was priceless. Plus I kinda wanted her to win HOH to flip the house and take out some alliances. Since Canada veto’d one of Tom’s nominee’s he was forced to name a last minute replacement nominee. He only had the commercial break to make his decision and he was freaking out. Emmett was with him in the pantry as he was trying to come to a decision. He was going back and forth between Andrew and Aneal and he even threw out Topaz’s name in hopes to evict AJ. Before he knew it Arisa called him and all houseguests back into the living room to announce his nomination. Tom named Aneal his replacement nominee and Aneal seemed emotionless by his decision. Almost like he knew it was going to happen. With the new nominations houseguests didn’t hesitate whilst casting their votes, here are the votes.

  • Andrew – Aneal
  • Topaz – Aneal
  • Emmett – Aneal
  • Talla – Aneal
  • Gary – Aneal
  • Jillian – AJ
  • Alec – Aneal
  • Liza – AJ
  • Peter – Aneal
  • Suzette – Aneal

By a vote of 7 to 3, Aneal was evicted from the Big Brother house.  Again, very little emotion on Aneal’s part but the houseguests seemed genuinely unhappy to see him leave. He didn’t do anything for the show in my opinion; his presence will not be missed.

Houseguests tonight were dressed head to toe in bee costumes. The HoH competition was the Bee’s Knee’s and these were the rules. Players had to run over to a variety of flowers and pick pollen (plastic balls), and store them in satchels around their legs. Then transfer the pollen using only their satchels back to their hive. The first player to completely fill their hive became the new HoH. Gary looked as if he was off to a great start. Not far behind was Andrew, however the hunky Emmett proved the fastest and filled his hive first. With Emmett the new HOH and his trust in Tom weakening, who knows what moves he will make during his reign as Head of Household. To add, next week we will see our first double eviction in Big Brother Canada so don’t forget to tune in.

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