‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1 Episode 7: “Puck Off!”

With the tension growing between Suzette and Tom, Tom’s fellow alliance members worry about his personal vendetta’s clouding his judgment.  The Shield Alliance, (Peter & Alex) that are also in the Quatro Alliance (Tom, Emmett, Alec, & Peter) are planning a huge game move that will send shockwaves through the house. Alec and Peter plan to win HOH next week, and nominate Aneal & Gary. When one of them wins the veto and removes themselves off the block, they will backdoor Tom. If this works it will be one of the best moves played all season, not to mention the smartest. Tom’s arrogance has made him a huge target and sooner or later he has to go.

A blooming showmance seems to be ready just in time for spring with Peter & Liza. The curious couple appear incredibly interested in the others personality. The two they have nothing in common but agree that is what attracts them.  At the same time well aware of the possible love triangle dilemma should Tom every find out. Liza states she’d never really date Tom outside of the house, and finds his behavior lately unpredictable and damaging on her game.

The uninteresting Andrew finally made an appearance on tonight episode as he answered Big Brother’s call and was given a task. His task was to prepare a disgusting meal for the houesguests in hopes that one of them would complement him on his creation. Completion of said task would reward the entire house with beer & pizza. Andrew had to think of a reason to cook for his houseguests so he made the excuse that it was his late father’s birthday. Andrew made a revolting combination of pretty much everything they had in the fridge and served his creation to the houseguests. Of course Tom couldn’t tell what he was eating and was caught asking for seconds. Even though every houseguest was pretty much gagging, he received a complement on his dish and completed the task. Talla, the sparkling firecracker from Alberta, got incredibly drunk off only a few beers and began giving Aneal a very aggressive lap dance. She then proceeded to wave her hair around and smash on the dining table like a gorilla. Always keeping it classy eh Talla?

Puck Off, was a perfect theme for tonight’s Veto Competition as things got personal on the ice. Here are the players:

  • Tom – Topaz
  • Suzette – Liza
  • Gary – Aneal

Tonight’s comp involved two parts, players were asked a question about the game thus far. The answers were a number, and the player closest to that number without going over was awarded a shot. In the goal was images of all the houseguests playing for the POV. The player could then take a shot at any houseguests image and knock them out of the game. The last player standing was the winner. The questions varied from; how many minutes were you handcuffed to your partners, to, how many apples were shot in the ‘Them Apples” challenge. Here is the quick version:

  • Aneal – Eliminated Gary
  • Topaz  – Eliminated Liza
  • Suzette – Eliminated Herself
  • Tom – Eliminated Topaz
  • Tom – Eliminated Aneal

Right after Suzette accidently eliminated herself she could see and hear Tom celebrating. An angered Suzette then took things to another level by calling Tom a “f*cking redneck.” The houseguests were stunned and Emmett was the first to ask her, “Do you know were on TV?”. Obviously she does Emmett – thank you for your commentary! I have to admit that was a bit uncalled for. Suzette should have just sat down and accepted the lose.

Post game Suzette realized what an ass she made of herself and did the right thing and apologized to Tom, he accepted her apology but was still set on sending her home. Prior to the Veto ceremony, Tom called AJ into the HOH room to let him know what was going to happen. Tom told AJ he was taking Gary off the block and putting him up as a pawn. AJ was more than happy to take one for the boys as he until now sucked at playing any aspect of the game. Shortly after, Jillian approached Tom with her own notes on the game. She tried to sway him to evict Gary this week instead of Suzette in fear of Gary nominating herself and Tom simply because they did that to him. Tom took her offer into consideration but stuck to his guns and replaced Gary with AJ.

Honestly it doesn’t matter to me who goes home because both AJ and Suzette are hardcore floaters in my books. Canada has the chance to save one of the nominee’s in Chevrolet’s Power Shift. Visit bigbrothercanada.slice.ca to vote and save either Suzette or AJ, you have until 12pm on Thursday to vote. Be sure to watch Thursday’s live eviction to see whom Canada chose to save and who Tom will name as a replacement!

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