Last night’s eviction  finally had me at the edge of my seat. Prior to tonight’s live vote Danielle believed that she was safe, however in the Big Brother house things aren’t always what they seem. After the POV ceremony Danielle had second thoughts as offering herself as a pawn to evict Aneal. Aneal was sure he was the target and certain he would be leaving. He decided to approach the guys for a soft campaign to save himself.

The guys were dead set that Aneal had to go, they picked him as the leader of the girls and didn’t want him turning their showmances against them. However Tom had other plans for Aneal. Tom pinned Danielle as the possible threat and wanted to nip any possibility of a girls alliance in the butt. He pitched this idea to alliance member Peter and he ran with it. They wanted to keep Aneal in the house in hopes that by saving him they would use his loyalty to control the vote. During this time Danielle played things too confident & her growing suspicion was clouded by her cockiness.

Playing the game 24/7 can be taxing, so in an effort to get everyone’s mind of the game Gary organized a fashion show.  The girls and Gary dressed in their sexiest outfits and worked the runway for the boys. The most shocking outfit was worn by none other than Gary as he dressed in drag and came out looking pretty decent. Even Tom had positive things to say. For a moment the houseguests had their mind off of the game but shortly after the fashion show things went right back to normal and Danielle was finally putting things together. She noticed that the boys were continuously having suspicious meetings with Aneal and not her. Eventually Danielle’s doubt rubbed off on Gary & he went to the HOH Jilliann to see what’s up. Without blinking Jillian lied straight to Gary’s face, leading on that nothing had changed from the original plan to evict Aneal. Afterwards she felt horrible but at the end of the day that’s the game.

Finally it was time for the eviction ceremony. Here is how the votes played out:

  • Alec – Danielle
  • Tom – Danielle
  • Topaz – Danielle
  • Gary – Aneal
  • Suzette – Aneal
  • AJ – Danielle
  • Liza – Danielle
  • Talla – Aneal
  • Emmett – Danielle
  • Andrew – Danielle
  • Peter – Danielle

Completely blindsided, Danielle was shocked to find out that she was evicted by a vote of 8-3. She was foolish to offer herself up as a pawn as every year is it more evident that pawns always go home. After hearing the news she immediately headed for her belongings not wanting to speak to anyone. Gary, Suzette and Talla, the only hosts that voted to keep her, comforted her before she left. She and her supporters were in tears and I couldn’t help but feel bad. Although she came off as a bitch I’m sure she genuinely liked some of the houseguests. She expected a clean vote and instead was blindsided. Bye bye Blondie! 

For tonight’s HOH competition it is was a Q&A, the name of the game “Popular Vote”. Players were asked a series of questions about one another and had to vote on what they think would be the majority vote. Their options were either A or B, the last player standing would become the new HOH. The game was pretty choppy as I feel the Canadian cast aren’t as disciplined as the Americans. They continously forgot to reset and were indecisive in their answers. Arisa too seem scattered at times but since it is her first rodeo I’ll cut her some slack. After the first 5 rounds Emmett, AJ, Tom, Peter, Aneal and Andrew remained. For about 4 rounds the six repeatedly voted the exact same until it was the final question which was a tie breaker. Players were asked: “How many liters of batter were used in the Batter Up challenge?”. Players took an exaggerated amount of time to answer this question. When the houseguests finally came to a number a new Head of Household was crowned. I was not happy with the results. The highly opinionated and arrogant Tom became the new HOH. I guess we’ll have to wait another week to see him walk out the door. I’ll be livid if he makes it to jury. Be sure to check out Sunday’s new episode to see who Tom decides to nominate.

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