Post nominations ceremony we see a very dramatic Aneal confront Jillian in the HOH room. I could not stop laughing at how hard he was crying. I can’t believe Jillian couldn’t see through that. Aneal continued his fake tears strategy all over the house to gain sympathy. Gary went straight into the bathroom, gave himself a quick pep-talk in the mirror, he finished off with a fierce dusting of glitter and walked out ready for war.

Tonight we were also informed of the several alliances in the house. There are the 3 showmances between: Emmett & Jillian, Alec & Topaz, & Tom & Liza, as well as the bromance of Tom & Emmett and Alec & Peter. Personally I think that “The Shield” better known as the Alec and Peter alliance will go far. Being the “top dog” or a clear physical threat hasn’t played well for BB players in the past. It’s the floaters or intellectual players that have made it the furthest in this game. Which is precisely what Alec and Peter have been doing so far, flying under the radar, throwing competitions to seem weak or to inspire sympathy.

In the room located outside the Diary Room this is a unicorn hanging above a camera glass. Upon entering that room Peter was stopped by Marsha the talking Unicorn. She seems somewhat Diva-ish, with the attitude and accent, also that whole one eye make-up think plays into it as well. She presented Peter with his first task. He had to naturally include 3 different quotes into conversations with his fellow houseguests to gain a reward for himself and the others. He only had an hour to complete this task, failure to complete this task would result in a punishment. The quotes were:

“I’m developing a rash in a really awkward place.”

“A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.”

“The fool doth think he is wise, but a wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

The first one was pretty easy but the others he had a little trouble with as they were quite lengthy and hard to remember. Nevertheless he completed it and won the house a mystery reward.

Going into the Veto Competition both Aneal & Gary knew they had to win to save themselves. Danielle wanted to play to secure he safety and stay as far away from the block as possible. The Veto players were:

  • Jillian – Peter
  • Aneal – AJ
  • Gary – Danielle
  • Liza Hosted

The backyard was transformed into a Winter Wonderland, as tonight’s challenge was a good old fashion snowball fight, Big Brother style. Players were give a pale of snow, at the start players had to make a snowball, carry it along a beam, hop onto a spinning platform that would drop them off onto another beam to which they could not fall off of or they’d have to start over. From there they had 6 snowmen to knock over with their snowballs. First player to successfully knock down all their snowman won the Power of Veto

All houseguests started off pretty rocky, as if they’d never thrown a snowball before. After a long period of misses and clumsy players falling off their beams Gary finally knocked down 2 of his snowmen in one shot. He then came around to knock down to more. At this point he was the only houseguest that had knocked down any of his snowmen. Danielle came out of nowhere and started hitting hers down one by one. She was on his tail as her safety was at risk as well. Eventually Gary ran out of snow and only had enough for one more snowball. A perfect shot sealed the deal and Gary won the Power of Veto. I was very surprised; Gary is a forced to be reckoned with. He’s slowly becoming my new favourite player.

After the POV comp the reward was revealed and Canada voted and awarded the houseguests with a Ski Hot Tub Party. Even the Have Not’s were allowed to participate and eat something other than slop. Nothing special happened at the party aside from Gary, Danielle and Talla taking a 26er of Vodka for themselves. The other houseguests didn’t seem too bothered by it but ofcourse Tom had to say something. I’m so over him, I hope he doesn’t make it to jury. He went after Talla and things got heated, he’s slowly rubbing all the houseguests the wrong way & players are starting to notice.

At the Veto ceremony Gary naturally used the Veto on himself prompting Jillian to name a replacement nominee. Earlier, Danielle made a deal with Jillian for her to go up as a pawn, in order to get rid of Aneal. Silly girl, PAWNS ALWAYS GO HOME! Oh well, she’ll learn. Anyways Danielle was nominated but I have a feeling she’ll be safe, even though pawns have a history of finding themselves talking to Julie by the end of eviction night, or Arisa in this case, Aneal is too big of a threat to let stay in the house.

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