‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1: Episode 3 Recap

For tonight’s episode we picked up where they left off at the beginning of the first HOH competition of the season. It was an endurance comp & we were finally able to see who the real competitors are. Before the houseguests entered level 3; 3 houseguests had already fallen: Liza, AJ and Aneal (not surprising). By the 4th level only Talla and Jillian remained. The strong-legged Jillian made it look easy, holding her tree for dear life. A little after the 2hr mark, Talla made a deal with Jillian for her safety. Jillian promised Talla she wasn’t her target. Talla dropped and Jillian became the new HOH!

Everyone seemed pretty calm that Jillian had won except Danielle. Apparently there has been a little jealously floating around the two for Emmett’s attention. Danielle dislikes Jillian and Jillian isn’t busting down doors to be Danielle’s friend either. Gary sympathized with Danielle as he felt no one has really reached out to him like Danielle has.

For Canada’s first Have, Have Not competition it was at the crack of dawn and Big Brother was serving up pancakes. For this challenge houseguests were split up into 3 teams. Each team’s players took turns diving into a pool if pancake batter, the objective was to collect as much batter as possible on ones body and then transfer that to a pancake iron. Teams would then scrap off as much batter as the could into their irons, the first 2 teams to fill their irons would be the Have’s for the week. The teams were:

  • Red: Gary, Aneal, Danielle, Topaz & Suzette (Suzette sat out for this challenge)
  • Blue: Andrew, Emmett, AJ, & Liza
  • Green: Alec, Peter, Tom & Talla

The blue team took the lead right out of the gates with green not far behind. No surprise that red was in last place but they caught up quickly and soon it was anyone’s game. Talla made it known that she had a little too much fun rubbing down Alec in all the right places. You go Talla! Before they knew it blue had completely filled their iron and were the first Have’s for the week. Neck in neck were green and red & only moments before houseguests could hear the meathead Tom getting overconfident. That definitely came up to bite him in the ass as the red team were next to finish, making the green team the Have Not’s for the week. 

For BB Canada we have an impressive Have Not room. The room is dressed in  hideous wallpaper with framed clown portraits. There is a single small circular bed in the center of the room and one fold-up cote. The highlight of the room is the vintage TV that plays 24hr static. The slop looks worst than the American’s, as it looks thicker and green.

Prior to the nominations ceremony, Jillian was approached by several different players – all pitching very different game plays. However the common name that came out of everyone’s mouth was Aneal. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Aneal’s gameplay so far. But again, he’s playing too hard too fast and the other houseguests are catching onto his strategy. Originally, Jillian wanted to nominate Danielle, simply for the fact that she doesn’t like her. (It’s predictable that the girls go after one another for personal vendettas) AJ, Aneal, Gary, even Tom were some of the names that came up from players in Jillian’s alliance and it had Jillian at a standstill. If I was her I would nominate Aneal and Gary, simply because the POV is most likely a puzzle or strategic game and they both seem more likely to win. Either Gary or Aneal takes themselves off the block, the perfect opportunity to backdoor Tom. You get a strong competitor out of the game and he has no chance of influencing the jury.

At the nomination ceremony it was a shock to have Danielle’s key drawn second to last. It was down to AJ, Gary and Aneal, the last key drawn was………..AJ! That’s right; Aneal and Gary are nominated for eviction this week! A bold move and I’m glad she played it smart by nominating Aneal rather than going personal. Be sure to check out the live feeds to catch some of the action before hand. Don’t forget to tune into Wednesday’s new episode to see who win POV and who get’s nominated as a replacement!

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