Big Brother Canada Season 1: Episode 16 “Build a Demon”

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada was an emotional rollercoaster, it started off where we left off on Sunday with Gary crying. Gary and his best friend Topaz were put up on the block by Andrew and the thought of either of them leaving had both Topaz and Gary very upset. Topaz’s HOH was not right, Big Brother Canada is trying too hard to stir the pot. She was HOH for 10 mins, all of which was in the complete view of the entire house, resulting in her being named public enemy #1. Before the Power of Veto competition nothing interesting happened so let’s get to it. Here are the players for the veto competition.

  • Andrew  – Alec
  • Topaz – Talla
  • Gary – Peter
  • Host Jillian

For tonight’s POV competition it had a gruesome theme as it was inspired by the new horror movie Evil Dead coming to theatres this Friday. In addition to the POV the winner was awarded an advanced screening to the movie and they were allowed to bring 2 other houseguests. The game was called Build a Demon; the objective was to find 5 body parts and a head to complete their demon. The first houseguest to get all limbs in the correct spots in their coffin won the Power of Veto.  Houseguests could find their needed body parts in the Big Brother swamp and they did all of these blindfolded. At the start Gary and Andrew were head to head, it wasn’t until an unfortunate mix up where Gary picked up 2 right arms that made him fall behind. Unfortunately this lead was all that Andrew needed to snatch the Veto right from underneath Gary and Andrew won the Veto. As part of his prize Andrew picked Talla and Jillian to accompany him to the advanced screening of Evil Dead.

Post Veto comp Gary was on edge, I remember watching ome of the After Dark episodes where Topaz and Gary talked about how much they couldn’t stand her. Regardless of how it began it centered around a 6 ft 3 gay black man arguing with a 4ft 9 fire cracker. I admit, Talla is a bit of a pain to watch. She’s always screaming for some reason and what once was cute is now annoying. In addition Gary being on slop and facing eviction is reason enough to snap at anyone.

Prior to the Veto ceremony Andrew began to look at all of his options outside of evicting Gary. Knowing of Peter and Alec allegiance to one another he knew there would be no room for Andrew in the Shield’s final 2 deal. His best bet was forming an east coast alliance with Jillian and Emmett for the final 3. With that said Andrew considered backdooring Peter or Alec to eliminate that duo threat right away. Nevertheless Andrew revealed that  he will not be using the Power of Veto. It sucks that both my favorite players are up on the block. The smartest decision would have been to take off Topaz and put up Alec. Peter is no threat in physical competitions and neither is Topaz. With both Gary & Alec up worst-case scenario you get out 1 of the 3 strongest physical players in the house. Make sue to tune into tonight’s episode to see either Topaz or Gary join AJ in the jury house!  

  • Peter needs to stop yelling in his confessionals. Seriously, I can here him just fine.