Big Brother Canada Season 1: Episode 15 “Instant Eviction!”

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada was an hour, jam packed with juicy drama, we began with Arisa informing us at home that tonight was a Power Shift Instant Eviction. Immediately after Suzette’s eviction Topaz was called up to the HOH room. Topaz was locked away from the other houseguests and Arisa informed her she had 5 minutes to name 2 houseguests for eviction. She had to make the decision without the input of any other houseguest including her showmance partner Alec. While Topaz was making her decision up in the HOH room the houseguests were called into the living room to watch as Topaz weighed out her options, out loud. The entire house heard who she was planning to nominate and who she planned to keep around for her personal own game. Talla and Andrew’s name came up in a not so positive way. Ultimately she nominated AJ and Andrew for nomination and houseguests wasted no time in casting their votes. Here are the votes:

  • Emmett – AJ
  • Gary – Andrew
  • Peter – AJ
  • Talla – Andrew
  • Alec – AJ
  • Jillian – AJ

The plan was for Andrew to be evicted tonight, however Canada’s safest pawn found himself on the outside looking in and AJ became the first jury member of Big Brother Canada. Post eviction ceremony Topaz approached Alec and questioned his loyalty. Although he knew who her target was, he went against her wishes to get Andrew out and evicted AJ. As far as Topaz was concerned this was the end of their showmance. After their break-up Alec when into the bathroom to sulk.  However he wasn’t truly upset that his showmance was over, he wanted to look like a victim of Topaz’s wrath to gain sympathy from his fellow houseguests. Andrew found him in the bathroom and tried to comfort him, completely buying into his wounded puppy routine. This put an even bigger target on Topaz’s back and secured her status and public enemy #1.

Since Topaz’s duties of Head of Household were finished it was time to crown a new Head of Household. It was a trivia game called: Diary Room Confessions. Here are the rules: houseguests were given confessions from evicted houseguests they simply had to figure out who said what to get  a point. The houseguests with the most pointsat the end of 7 rounds would be crowned the new Head of Household. Gary started off with a good lead but after a string of wrong answers fell far behind. Andrew proved he was out for vengeance by answering every answer correctly along with Talla. (Both players that had personal vendettas to settle with Topaz.) In the tie breaker round it was Talla vs Andrew. The question was: How many yellow balls were used on the flowers during the Bee’s Knee’s challenge? Andrew guested closest without going over making him this weeks Head of Household. Immediately a sinking feeling took over Topaz as she knew she was going up on the block. To makes things worst, Andrew was given a special power in addition to being this weeks HOH. He was given the task of picking this weeks Have Nots. He picked Emmett, who had a slop pass, Peter who volunteered, Topaz for obvious reasons and Gary because he’s never been on slop. Gary was not happy about this decision and went through a range of emotions. He was angry at first and then and overwhelming sadness consumed him and he literally ran off crying into the bathroom stall as if you told him the world stopped producing glitter. He was cry hysterically to a point of chocking on his own tears.

At tonight’s second nominations ceremony, Andrew nominated Topaz and Gary for eviction. Although in his HOH room he told Gary that Topaz was his target, Andrew revealed to Canada that Gary was his real target. Tune in on Wednesday to see if Gary uses his Power to Veto a Veto Player and who wins the Golden Power of Veto.

  • Travis

    I realize Big Brother is all about “Expect the unexpected”, but what they did to Topaz was cruel. Letting the entire house listen to her as she worked out who to nominate for eviction was unfair and may very well have ruined her game. I’ve never cared much for her, but even I felt bad for Topaz last night. On a brighter note, at least for me, Gary’s epic meltdown just because he was put on slop had me laughing so hard I was nearly in tears.

  • Yah that was unfair. BB Canada I’ve noticed likes to short live the HOH experience for these house guests. Gary had me laughing hysterically. I’m continuously replaying that part over and over again.