From the beginning of the episode it was clear that Suzette’s time in the Big Brother house was fading. She had accepted the fact that she was leaving, and started to see it as a blessing in disguise because she would be able to see her kids who, for the past couple weeks, she couldn’t stop talking about. After the Veto Ceremony Emmett tried to go further into detail explaining what he meant at during his speech. He wanted her to leave on a good not and for the other houseguests to actually want to talk to her.

In appears there is trouble in paradise with Alec and Topaz’s showmance on the rocks for a part of this episode. It’s no secret Topaz likes to nap. Big Brother even went as far as set an alarm for her when she needs to go to the diary room or complete a task. However the alarm rings throughout the entire house and it’s beginning to annoy her fellow houseguests. Whilst in the HOH room Topaz was sleeping listening to music the Big Brother alarm sounded. It played for so long Big Brother actually confiscated Alec’s iPod so she couldn’t use it to ignore Big Brother. This upset Alec to a point where he approach the remaining members of the Quatro Alliance and stated Topaz needs to go within the coming weeks. He expected an apology and a warm hug but instead Topaz didn’t see where he was coming from and brushed it off.

The two nominees this week were treated to a night out, at the expense of the houses’ showmance couples. Each couple played a role in a typical night out scenario. Alec was the server, Emmett the host, Jillian was the head chef, Andrew was her sous chef and Topaz and Gary were the live entertainment. Peter and Talla were permitted to join since they aren’t in any showmances. The couples were served steak and lobsters and the showmances couples were rewarded with a piñata. Inside the piñata was a special prize awarded to the first houseguest to find it. After Alec broke the piñata Gary picked up the Golden Ticket that gave the holder a special power. Gary was given the Power to Veto a Veto player from next weeks Veto Competition. Basically he can replace a chosen Veto player with another houseguest or himself. This is a very useful tool as he could easily take out Emmett or Alec from a veto competition, greatly enhancing his odds of winning should he need to next week.

At the Eviction ceremony it wasn’t any surprise as to the outcome of the houseguests votes, here they are:

  • Emmett – Suzette
  • Topaz – Suzette
  • Andrew – Suzette
  • Gary – AJ
  • Jillian – Suzette
  • Peter Suzette
  • Talla – Suzette

Tonight was said goodbye to Suzette, although I did want her gone, I admire the fact she left with her head held high and there was nothing but love in her goodbye messages. Xoxo Suzette!

Tonight’s Head of Household competition was simple. Hoseuguests were given a situation and they had to answer whether it happened Before or After another. AT the start all houseguest were answering correct except for one question that took out over half the house. In the final round it was Topaz & Talla.  It seems almost all HOH competitions Talla is constantly falling short. Except for that last HOH where she was a complete mess. Nevertheless, Topaz won and I instantly had a sigh of relief because it meant that Gary was safe for another week. Although he is a little to much of an emotional player, it’s refreshing to have a strong player that is not big headed and narcissistic. Plus he’s the most entertaining person in the house. Be sure to check out Sunday’s episode to see another of Chevrolet’s Power Shifts move played!