‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1: Episode 12 “Mama Needs a New Car!”

With the departure of Tom & Liza it was clear that the house would be a lot quieter. The overall mood in the house was lighter and after the night the houseguests had, all they wanted to do was kickback, relax and get drunk! Big Brother treated the houseguest with wine & beer and before they knew it the houseguests had completely forgotten about Tom or Liza and were in deep in a game of spin the bottle. To sum it all up Andrew pretty much made out with every single houseguest, with the acceptation of Alec, Emmett & Peter.

For tonight’s Head of Household competition houseguests were playing for a lot more than just safety. In addition to winning HOH, an addition $10 000 was up for grabs as well as a brand new 2013 Chevrolet Trax. Mama needs a new car!! Each player had to make their way through a maze that had a series of checkpoints. At each checkpoint houseguests found themselves at a historical part of Canada that had a series of numbers. Houseguests had to memorize the first number of the 4 checkpoints and make there way out of the maze. Once out they then had to say the numbers out loud, which unlocked a key to the car; their time would stop when they honked the horn of the car. Obviously the player with the fastest time would be the winner. For the most part the houseguests did pretty well; there were some that knew exactly what they were doing and cruised on through and others that had a more difficult time. Talla nearly left the game entirely as she let her emotions get the best of her during this challenge. She misunderstood the instructions and was saying 2 numbers extra. She did have the correct order, however because she was adding in the extra numbers, Big Brother could not unlock the key for her. She eventually got so frustrated she quit the challenge. Nevertheless it came down to a 17 second difference between Jillian and Alec, in which Alec was 17 seconds faster, and he became the new Head of Household!

Again, the sh*t disturbers of the game have all left so the house is pretty quite. Aside from Andrew calling Alec a pu**y for not wanting to get blood on his hands, nothing interesting happened this episode. Alec wanted to make his week as clean and clear-cut as possible, so his only option was to get out Suzette. Prior to his nomination ceremony he sat down with her and explained why he was putting her up. I would have felt bad for her but she spent the entire HOH comp laughing and walking into walls, it didn’t seem like she cared much for her safety and floaters gotta go. With Suzette being the target a pawn was needed to ensure her exit. That’s where AJ came in; it seems to be the only thing he’s good for anyways. While in the HOH room it was unanimous that the other players don’t see him as a treat in anyway shape or form. So with AJ and Suzette up on the block, I can only hope that Suzette wins the POV and veto’s herself off the block, forcing Alec to nominate one of his allies. That’s pretty much the only way anything interesting will occur unless Talla has another melt down.  

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