‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1: Episode 11 “Schlongs & Balls!”

Last night was Big Brother Canada’s first double eviction. Arisa Cox dove straight into the night’s events and the votes for the first eviction we casted. But before the eviction ceremony began we were shown a very emotional Alec dealing with a major issue caused by Tom. Post Veto Ceremony Tom approached Alec in the showers and swung the door open completely flashing the live feeders while Alec was showering. Although this was an entertaining show for us at home, Alec wasn’t so amused. After the incident Alec was worried, and nervous about what kind of images were out there now. To be honest I didn’t get what the big deal was.  Never-mind he walks around without a shirt 99% of the time and it’s not like his sweat pants do a good job at covering him up. Not that I’m complaining but to me he was being extremely overdramatic. He started crying and went as far as plea with producers not to let the images out. This prompted Topaz to scream and stir up a storm with Tom and even Tom started crying reflecting on what he did. Cry me a river, you knew what you signed up for and we at home could use a shlong or two to keep us awake.

As for the voting, it was not shocking, and the house made a wise decision. The votes were as follows…

  • Alec – Tom
  • Talla  – Tom
  • Andrew – Tom
  • Emmett – Liza
  • Topaz – Tom
  • Peter – Tom
  • AJ – Tom
  • Suzette – Tom
  • Jillian  – Tom

It was unanimous, the house evicted Tom. Upon exiting he only wanted to speak to Emmett and Liza. Adios!

For the HOH comp it was the house against Liza in a trivia competition. Houseguests were given a phrase pertaining to a past competition. Players either buzzed in HOH, Have Not, or POV as their answers. The winners of each heat went on to the next and picked the two houseguests to compete after. The first couple was randomly selected and AJ and Topaz went up first. Basically every other turn it was Liza and a different houseguest. In the end it was Suzette, Alec and Andrew. Alec eliminated Suzette and in the final round between Alec gave the HOH to Andrew. Literally he took his hands off his buzzer told Andrew what the answer was and even went as far as to point to the correct buzzer.

With Andrew being the new HOH he only had a few moments to gather his thoughts and name two nominees for eviction. Without a doubt Liza was going up, and Andrew chose Suzette to sit beside her on the block. Right after, players dove straight into the POV competition. I really wanted Liza to pull this one out, I feel she was playing the game the right way and players were scared of her strategy. The POV were plain and simple, it consisted of chewing gum and bouncing on a ball. Players started from one end of the backyard on a bouncy ball and a piece of chewing gum. From there they had to chew their gum while only bouncing on their balls. They then had to put in order the first 5 houseguests that were eliminated from the first HOH. Liza started off strong but was soon beaten by Emmett and lost the POV. Ofcourse Emmett chose not the use the Power of Veto seeing as how he wanted Liza gone weeks ago. Without wasting anytime houseguests were directed into the diary room, one by one, to cast their votes. By a landslide Liza was evicted from the Big Brother house.

She left with a smile, and said goodbye to all of her fellow houseguests, although her goodbye messages weren’t so pleasant. It varied from a simple “I think you’re a weird person & I don’t like you” to Peter’s short poem ,‘It’s a shame you didn’t pick brains over brawn because now your gone.” Liza was a strong player, and had she stuck to one alliance, she could have made it to then end.

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  • Andrew and those sideburns!!!!!

  • LOL there kinda hot, very Wolverine-like 😉