‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1 Episode 10: “Emmett I’m Black, My Feet Are White!”

Leaving Gary’s nominations ceremony, Tom was beyond livid. He remained controlled by his emotions and that is why the “Quatro Alliance” do not fully trust him. Emmett reluctantly revealed that it was him that gave Gary the O.K to nominate Tom & Liza. Tom was completely blindsided by this but really Tom? I mean you stomp around the house with a club in one hand and a fire hose in the other. He’s the most unpredictable and childish player in the game. The only houseguest that truly likes him is Liza who I thought was only using him until he was expendable. Even though Tom is on the block as well he tried to keep both himself and Liza safe this week. He told her he feels so betrayed that he can’t stay in the game and he wants her to continue on. This act of kindness plucks on Liza’s heartstrings and she is deeply touched by his knight in shining armor bit. I’ll admit from her perspective his actions seem quite heroic however; it doesn’t make up for the fact that he is the house Neanderthal.  

For an extra jab at the Have Not’s, Canada awarded the Have’s of the week at spa day at the expense of the Have Not’s. All Have’s were treated with massages and pedicures, performed by the Have Not’s. Suzette was in heaven with the stunning Alec at her toes and ofcourse Gary ended up with Emmett as his masseuse. Funniest line of the night came from Gary, “Emmett I’m black, my feet are white! You didn’t rub the lotion in!” 

By this time it was time to pick players for the Veto competition. Liza didn’t care who she picked she knew no one would use it on her. Here are the players:

  • Gary – Alec
  • Liza – AJ
  • Tom – Jillian
  • Host Andrew

Houseguests were curling tonight; each player had their block of ice and player to slide along the ice. Same rules as curling players went in heats and instead of sliding stones houseguests were sliding each other on a large slab of ice. The winners of 1st heats were Alec, Tom & Gary. The players weirdly all picked their showmance partners but nevertheless Alec slid Topaz past Tom’s slab of Talla and eliminated him from the competition. Up last was Gary pushing Suzette. I was impressed at how far he got her but unfortunately he came up short and Alec won the Power of Veto!

Right before the Veto comp Gary straight up told Alec if he wins the Veto not to use it. At the top of the stairs Gary, Peter and Alec put a plan in motion to evict Tom. Their plan was to fool him into thinking he was safe for the remaining days leading up to eviction night and then completely blindside him. After the Veto comp Tom revealed to Liza that he was part “The Quatro” a 4-man alliance. Liza was taken back but she had her suspicions. Prior to the Veto ceremony Alec told Tom he would not be using the Veto. He said the only way to ensure Liza leaves and another Quatro member isn’t nominated as a replacement is if Tom stayed up on the block. At the Veto Ceremony Alec stayed true to his word and chose not to use the Power of Veto. Tom stated if he stays he will win HOH and put Alec and Topaz up on the block. Things won’t be pretty but at least it will be entertaining. Don’t forget tomorrow if double evict so be sure to see what 2 houseguests are sent packing!!

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