‘Big Brother Canada’ Season 1: Episode 1 & 2 Recap

After 13 years of watching Big Brother all across the world we finally have our own! This past Wednesday was the premier of our very first Big Brother Canada. We have our own house, HOH, POV, and jury and a special twist. Like the American version, 15 strangers were picked to live in a house completely sequestered from the outside world. The cast seems like a good mix. We have our own the dumb blonde with the big boobs, the beef heads that stick together and of course the token gay guy, (or two, on the fence with Aneal).

Right off the bat we were introduced to a Big Brother phone in what is the equivalent to the American versions arcade room. This is a direct link to Big Brother and whoever answers his call is directed to complete a task. Failure to complete these tasks will result in a penalty or punishment. The first person to answer the phone this season was 36-year-old Suzette.

Suzette was crowned HOH automatically for answering the phone. Pretty lame if you ask me but it is Canada. She was instructed not to tell any of the other houseguests and to go directly to the diary room. There she was informed she had 1hr to name two houseguests for eviction. BB Canada host Arisa Cox called all the houseguests into the living room after the hour and asked the HOH to name his/her nominations. It was no surprise to anyone that Suzette was HOH after she answered the phone, she chose to nominate the beefy dairy farmer, Emmett and the confident fire fighter Tom.

Personally, I think it was a great choice take go after the two physically strongest competitors & form an alliance with the last man standing. Unfortunately, Suzette isn’t the best at game play and seems like she’s here more for the experience.

I wasn’t completely unimpressed with our veto competition; it was very similar to something the American version would do, however our Power of Veto necklace is hideous. It consists of a huge, clear, “V” that looks nothing like the American versions. It’s called the “golden power of veto” not the clear power of veto. For the actual competition, players were dressed in purple leotards and were styled with a spiked belt. The objective of the game was to pop as many balloons possible using only the belt, to locate puzzle pieces that were inside of the them. The first player to complete their puzzle, won this season first POV competition. Here are the players for the game:

  • Suzette: Aneal
  • Tom: Peter
  • Emmett: Gary

For the most part everyone tried their best, no one has started throwing competitions as yet. It came down to the wire but ultimately Tom won.

Prior to the veto ceremony Kat approached Suzette in the HOH room trying to talk game. Suzette wasn’t really in the mood and saw Kat as aggressive competitor and a possible threat. During the Veto ceremony, as expected Tom used the veto to save himself off the block, forcing Suzette to name a replacement nominee. Rumours were circulating that Gary’s name was being tossed around for his general annoyance and glitter obsession. Houseguest’s were constantly complaining about his glitter getting everywhere. However Kat’s plan backfired on her and she was name the replacement nominee.

During the evictions ceremony, Emmett won by a landslide 11-1 and Kat was the first houseguest sent packing from the Big Brother Canada household. She seems like she would have been a tough competitor but she fell victim to a case of playing too hard too fast.

For the first HOH competition of the season, we played homage to our Canadian roots, as this was a tree hugging comp. Players had to climb onto trees dressed in appropriate lumberjack attire and hold on for dear life. The last player standing would be crowned the new HOH.

In addition we got an unexpected surprise visit from last years runner up Dan Gheesling. His appearance was short and to be honest I don’t remember what he said but I now wish I went to see the first live eviction. Dan and Janelle were my two favourite players from BB14, oh well! Be sure to tune into Slice this Sunday to see the winner of this weeks HOH comp, and see who he/she decides to nominate!

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  • Eric

    Yes, the veto is disgusting but what about those god awful nominee chairs. There stumps!! Fucking stumps, they couldn’t even spring for a proper memory wall, it’s just all the houseguests pictures and theres no round table! It’s a stupid boardroom style table. Not like I had my hopes high, it is BB Canada after all. Gary needs to leave.