Big Brother Canada Season 1: Episode 27 “The Final 4 Look Back”

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada had a light, almost reflective note to it as we were shown the ups and downs of Canada’s first season of Big Brother. Before I forget, there wasn’t much going on for the Head of Household competition. Everyone was it to win it and it came down to a 3-way tiebreaker. With both Gary and Talla being challenged with numbers it was a cakewalk for Jillian and she walked away with her 4th HOH win for the season. When it came down to the typical “Who wants to see my HOH room?” everyone including Emmett were less than thrilled to do the march up there.

After the HOH tour the houseguests discovered a clothes rack in the bedroom with an outfit picked out for each of the final 4. Big Brother had a surprise waiting for them in the backyard. It was the Big Brother Awards taking a look back at the seasons most memorable moments. From Suzette’s blow up with Aneal, to Gary’s dramatic slop response, it was a much-needed break from the game where the houseguests could look back on how far they’ve come. Towards the end of the night Emmett went around asking everyone how he or she think they played and how far did they expected to get when they first walked in the house. He directed the question first at Talla but as she went to answer she was abruptly cut off by Jillian. Seeing this as an opportunity to share her feelings she felt like her moment was taken away from her. She remained silent and bitter for the remainder of the event. When re-entering the house Emmett noticed and brought it up to Jill and Gary. Making sure to keep in good graces with Talla her did his best to do damage control.

When it came down to the nominations ceremony everyone in Canada knew who Jillian was going to nominate. With it being final 4 however her nominations aren’t the most important play for this week, the Veto is. Nevertheless Jillian nominated Gary and Talla for eviction. Be sure to check out the final Veto Competition of the season on Wednesday night with an added Instant Eviction!