Big Brother Canada Season 1: Episode 25 “Glitter Prevails!”

Tonight Big Brother Season 10 Winner and 14 runner up Dan Gheelsing joined the houseguests with one goal in mind, to stir things up! Dan is known for being the first houseguest in Big Brother history to host his own funeral and when all odds were against him, regain control of the house and make it to the end. He is by far one of my favorite players in Big Brother. The houseguests were informed that a mystery player would be joining them via BBMail. This is when Talla’s screaming began. I would have evicted her weeks ago, solely based on her screaming. When Dan finally walked through the door he was greeted by a screaming Talla that then leaped onto him. He literally almost carried her down the stairs while she was still one him.   After having a sit down with the houseguests he revealed that his presence was not to be welcomed as he was given the power to evict one houseguest right away. Immediately my heart sank because I’d recently been skimming the live feeds and a couple of them I didn’t see Gary. Luckily it was one of the several jokes Dan would be “misting” the houseguests with during his stay.

For tonight’s Power of Veto competition Dan hosted the game “Price of the Veto”. The premise of the game was simple. Dan would give a choice to the houseguests that was either a punishment or a reward. Punishments awarded the player points while rewards deducted. The player to ring in for said punishments/rewards first won the point and had to complete the task. At the end the player with the most points won. Punishments varied from a week without showering including the pool and Jacuzzi, to a Big Brother haircut. Gary hit almost every single one including the no shower punishment as well, he was to go 24hr without sleeping and for the remainder of the week he had to wear a prisoner’s outfit with a ball and chain attached to his leg. Talla had to cut off the clothing she was wearing immediately after the competition and Andrew got his haircut by Dan. After the scores were added up, Gary came out victorious and won the Power of Veto!

After the POV comp Emmett had a moment of reflection considering all of his options for a replacement nominee. Since Gary was obviously going to use the Veto to save himself, he had to choose between Jillian and Talla to put up as a replacement. What shocked me the most was the fact that Emmett was even considering putting up Jillian. About time if you asked me, their showmance was good while it lasted and Jillian was a sinking ship. However it could workout for him to keep her because no one in jury would vote for her.

Anyone who watched BB 14 remembers Dan’s infamous red headband. Tonight Dan had the houseguest’s complete various tasks to earn themselves their very own red headband. Jillian was the first and she was asked to dance in front of the entire house while pouring a bottle of juice on herself. Talla was asked to jump into the pool fully clothed. (Not a big deal) Since Gary wasn’t allowed to sleep he had to dump a pot of water of the first houseguest to fall asleep, which ended up being Talla. Thankfully she didn’t wake up screaming. Emmett’s task was dumb; he had to act like Gary for a brief moment to which he merely overused profane language.

At the POV ceremony Gary veto’d himself off the block forcing Emmett to name a replacement nominee. While he was pausing for dramatic affect I honestly thought he was going to make a big move and nominate Jillian. Dan’s last words before he left were he hopes someone out the remaining five would make a big move. Ofcourse the Canadians and too chicken to upset one another so he played it safe and nominated Talla. Be sure to tune into tomorrow’s episode to see who goes home and who wins the final HOH before final 3!