After Thursday’s eventful Big Brother Canada episode we picked up at the beginning of the Head of Household competition. Emmett, Andrew, Talla and Gary were battling it out to complete their puzzle first.  I thought for sure that Gary would have the advantage but according to him puzzle aren’t his forte. Ultimately Emmett managed to make sense of the puzzle and he completed his making him the new HOH. In other words, Jillian and Emmett have the HOH room to themselves again..

After winning HOH Andrew was fuming about Gary being back in the game. Crying that his HOH was a waste and that and this completely messes up the East Coasters Alliance final 3 deal. He was basically scared. To Emmett, Gary being back in the game wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Gary and Emmett have worked together in the past and it was Emmett and Jillian that turned their backs against him and voted to evict him. Gary’s approach re-entering the house was to tell the other houseguests whatever they wanted to here about the jury. He told Jillian she was respected in the jury and they all supported her decisions while in actuality no one in the jury likes Jillian nor would vote for her to win.  He did this all in an attempt to gain allies, as he stood alone in the BB house.

Marsha the Moose made another appearance tonight when she revealed herself to Talla. It took Talla a good 20mins to realize that it was Big Brother talking to her and not the actually moose on the wall. Her task was to host a talk show with her fellow houseguests and learn one interesting fact about each of them. Once she got the information she had to reply, “Oh I did not know that”. As usual completion of the task meant a reward for the house, failure resulted in a punishment. Her show was entertaining, not because her questions were well thought out it was entertaining because she could not form basic questions to save her life. It was like word vomit that kept flowing. For the boys it was torture. However once completed to them the reward did not make up for the task. The house was awarded Talltini’s which were basically Talla’s take on a martini.

Before nominations Andrew decided to talk a bit of game to make sure he wasn’t going up as a pawn. Andrew hates the fact that Talla has been given a free ride up until now and he wants to see her leave after Gary. Emmett and Jillian told Andrew that he would be sitting against Gary on the block. They couldn’t risk him winning and taking Talla off leaving Jillian the only other option. Ofcourse Andrew takes this worst then bullet to the heart and cries about how there is no trust between them and he’s a man of his word. As a result of his emotional outbreaks lately Emmett did not hesitate to nominate Andrew up for eviction along side Gary. I can’t wait for the Veto competition. With Gary in it it’s sure to be a tight race.