Big Brother Canada Season 1: Episode 22 “3rd Time’s a Charm”

Hmm where to begin, well I’ll dive straight into the Power of Veto competition seeing as how nothing note worthy occurred prior to it. For tonight’s POV competition it was sleep themed Veto and it was sponsored by the Brick and Serta Mattresses. The competition had 3 rounds. The first was a teeth brushing competition where houseguests had to brush Big Brothers teeth clean. The first 3 to complete this part moved onto the puzzle round, from there the first 2 to complete their puzzle went on a hunt to located the Serta Sheep with a red star on its collar. The first houseguest to locate the sheep, climb the mattress staircase to a bed a lay in it was the winning of tonight’s Veto Competition. In addition to Veto the winner was awarded a $10 000 shopping spree to the Brick. 

The first 3 to move onto the second round were Andrew, Emmett and Jillian. However before moving onto the next round Big Brother asked for a moment to review a possible infraction in the rules. After Andrew and Emmett completed the first part Big Brother paused the game. When it was paused Emmett quickly told Jillian a strategy to get the plaque off the teeth easier. This was against the rules and for the third time this season Emmett was disqualified from the challenge. That didn’t sit well with him and he went into a temper tantrum. AS a result Peter and Talla were given a second chance at the next round and Peter was victorious. The second round was a puzzle to which Jillian and Andrew completed first advancing them to the final round of locating the red star sheep. After dozens of sheep Andrew found the red star sheep. He won the Power of Veto as well as the shopping spree and was safe for this week. In a trend that is sore losers Peter, after losing the puzzle challenge, flipped the puzzle and the table over. What a child.

After the competition Emmett continued his rant of how unfair and ridiculous his DQ was, never mind that Big Brother clearly stated that assisting other players in any way was not permitted. Some how this was unfair in his mind. Moving on Big Brother threw yet another challenge at the houseguests it was an extended game of freeze tag. Basically Big Brother, randomly through the day, would ask the houseguests to freeze. No matter what they were doing they could not move nor talk until Big Brother said they could, failure to remain frozen would result in a punishment for the entire house. The first couple rounds were fairly simply but after the 3rd round Big Brother decided to kick it up a notch. From Sumo wrestlers to the Toronto Argonauts Cheerleaders Big Brothers goal was to get any one of the houseguests to move. The ultimate test was when Andrew’s identical twin brother walked through the front door. It was a tear jerking moment to see Andrew containing his emotions when his brother showed him a video of his nephews and how proud his father would be were he still alive. However, although the temptation to hug his brother was there he remained still and eventually the house won the challenge. They rewards were videos calls from each of their families. It was a great reminder of why some of them chose to be in the game and who they are fighting for.

At the Veto ceremony Andrew obviously took himself off the block leaving Jillian with the task of naming a replacement nominee. Prior to the ceremony Jillian weighed out all her options with Andrew as to who it should be. Even mentioning Emmett’s name in fear of not being able to beat him in the final jury vote. Ultimately she stood by her showmance and nominated Talla as the replacement. Regardless things are about to get much more chaotic in the Big Brother house as tomorrow night an evicted houseguest in the jury gets a second chance at the $100 000 and are put back in the game. Be sure to vote (for Gary) for your favorite jury member to return and flip the house upside down!